Monday 29 March – Space Week

It was Group 2’s turn to complete our exciting spaced themed activities.  After a quick catch up to see who had received their Easter Eggs we were straight into the Cosmic Clues UMA. Our aim was to crack a code to save an astronaut’s life! We made a model telescope by watching the Girlguiding activity video, found out how telescopes worked and then as a team found the secret code. Each Brownie had a piece of the secret code in their Zoom packs which we all read out before working out what the code was.  A good activity and the telescopes looked fabulous!

We played the “Generation Game” with Group 2 for the first time and it was a big hit again.  Buttercup slowly passed 10 random objects in front of the screen which we had to memorise. Well done to Bobbin for remembering a very impressive 9 out of 10 objects. Time for a couple of other time filler games before our next activity: Night Sky Observers. During break, the Brownies completed an I Spy sheet outside; though again, as it was now too light we couldn’t make our planned Constellation viewers so just drew picture of what we could see.

After break, we watched a short CBBC clip on the North Star and constellations before trying to name all the planets. Onto our last activity: Start with a Bang UMA. We watched another short video this time explaining the Big Bang and how our universe started.  The aim of the activity was to retell the biggest story in existence by miming how the universe started; this was a little trickier via zoom as we didn’t have the space to really spread out and jump around but it still worked! Daffodil read out the story and the Brownies had to “mimic” the actions, for example:

“Then 300,000 years after the Big Bang, the first atoms formed. Atoms are tiny particles that are the building blocks of everything, including you. Curl up small in your chair like an atom and roll around” and so on

Once the story had finished, we added our own actions for the last few steps then practiced the moves again.  We finished the meeting with lots of games including Battleships, Hangman, Virtual Hide & Seek and a scavenger hunt. We finished off with a sad but fond farewell to Chloe who has now finished her Brownie Adventure and still deciding whether or not to move up to Guides after Easter. Goodbye and good luck Chloe, we will miss you but wish you well on your next Guiding adventure.  We also said a temporary goodbye to the rest of Group 2 as we won’t see them again for another 4 weeks – have a great Easter girls.

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