Monday 8 March – Music Week

This week’s theme was music so we completed the last Skills Builder: Voicing our Values.  Our poor Brownies were a little shattered after their first day back at school so only half attended this week; with this in mind, we had a nice relaxed meetings finishing the skills builder and playing games.

The aim of the activity was to refresh what we know about Girlguiding values, explore the values we share and celebrate these shared values.  We talked about the start and finish songs we sing at Brownies (though it is now a whole year since we last meet face to face and got to sing our hearts out) then moved on to what a value is.  A value is something that’s really important to a person and helps guide how they act, for example kindness, honesty or fairness. We looked at our Promise and what values it talks about before having a go at creating a song to talk about these values.  Our Brownies were a little too tired after school to think of any new values so we used the examples on the card to create 4 new lines to the popular song “If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands”.  These included “If you think we’re all equal … clap your hands” and “If you always try your hardest .. touch your head” and so on.

Our break craft was to make our very own banjo out of a jar lid, loom bands and a lollipop stick.  These turned out really well and even played! After break, we had a show and tell with any musical instruments we had and even had a “jam” singing the songs we’d created earlier on.  Isla brought her triangle, Daisy an electric guitar and Jasmine a bongo.  The rest of us strummed our new banjos!

We played a variety of games with the girls picking the games from our time filler PowerPoint slides. We tried 2 new games for the first time: 20 seconds – the Brownies took turns to talk for 20 seconds on a topic before passing it to someone else; and Ready, Steady, Go – we had a series of silly challenges like balance a pen on your head for 10 seconds, saying the alphabet backwards and finished off with a scavenger hunt to the letters of SMILE. This type of scavenger hunt proved popular so we did it again with BROWNIES. We also played battleships, hangman and Guess Who.

That’s it, Group 2 are meeting next week plus we invited the Brownies who missed this week to join us so they don’t miss out on their Skills Builder badge.

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