Monday 14 June – 1990s Week

This week was 1990s week – this decade saw us saying goodbye to the 20th century and trying to ignore the doom-mongering about the Y2K bug as we welcomed in the 21st century. Our journey through the 1990s was set close to home with 2 major Girlguiding Lincolnshire South events which ties in nicely with our Lincolnshire South 60th birthday challenge badge. Firstly though, we welcomed Paige who has joined us for a couple of taster sessions before joining us (hopefully) in July. Well done Paige who threw herself into every activity and did incredibly well.  We also welcome a potential new adult helper – Jackie who came along to see what we’re all about. A huge Brownie hello and welcome to both.

In 1992, a group from Minsk in Belarus arrived at Poacher (the international Scouts & Girlguiding camp held every 3 years) to find out about the Guide movement in Britain. They invited a group from Lincolnshire South back to Minsk in 1993 and our county link with Minsk was born.  For this challenge we discovered where Minsk was, what they liked to eat, drink, play and make.

We started off playing the Masha the Bear game – Daffodil read the traditional story and the Brownies completed the actions.  Fun but a little long so for next week Buttercup is going to use her editorial skills to shorten it down.

Traditional lacquerware is popular in Belarus and consists of wooden utensils painted in rich colours of red (to represent happiness and hope),  yellow/gold (for harvest), blue (for the sky) and white (for purity). We made our own versions with black card cut into a huge spoon decorated with a variety of red, yellow, blue and white stickers.  We chatted and swapped jokes while making these before finding out about our break challenge.

In 1992, Seagull house was built at Trusthorpe as a residential centre for Lincolnshire South county. Thousands of Girlguiding members have spent many  happy weekends at Seagull House including our Unit – we’ve been 7 times since 2014; our last fantastic trip was in 2017 where we did an epic Spy themed weekend and we are returning in June 2023.  Seagull House is a very short walk to the beach where Girlguiding have their own beach hut! During break, the Brownies made their own beach hut out of any building materials or drew one.  After break, our beach huts were displayed – some fantastic results from Lego, cardboard and some beautifully drawn ones too.

This week’s time-filler games included 21 Questions, the Alphabet Game plus the ever popular: Virtual Hide and Seek, bingo, Guess Who and a quick-fire scavenger hunt.

That’s it for now – Group 2’s turn next week to journey through the 1990s.

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