Monday 21 June – Macarena Time!

It was Group 2’s turn to celebrate the 1990s. After introducing our new adult helper Jackie to the Brownies, we asked for suggestions for her honorary Brownie name. These included: Ivy, Bluebell, Dandelion, Jasmine, Poppy, Rose, Tulip & Violet. We gave the list for Jackie to think and choose a name later. Our journey through the 1990s was set close to home this week with 2 major Girlguiding Lincolnshire South events which ties in nicely with our Lincolnshire South 60th birthday challenge badge.

In 1992, a group from Minsk in Belarus arrived at Poacher (the international Scouts & Girlguiding camp held every 3 years) to find out about the Guide movement in Britain. They invited a group from Lincolnshire South back to Minsk in 1993 and our county link with Minsk was born.  For this challenge we discovered that Minsk used to be part of the former USSR and its capital is Minsk. Brownies are called “Birds” and have a very short Promise (I will try to improve myself, to bring joy and help to others” and their motto is “I’ll try to be good”. Traditional lacquerware is popular in Belarus and consists of wooden utensils painted in rich colours of red (to represent happiness and hope),  yellow/gold (for harvest), blue (for the sky) and white (for purity). We made our own versions with black card cut into a huge spoon decorated with a variety of red, yellow, blue and white stickers.  We chatted and swapped jokes while making these before playing some games before break.

In 1992, Seagull House was built at Trusthorpe as a residential centre for Lincolnshire South County. Thousands of Girlguiding members have spent many happy weekends at Seagull House including our Unit.  Seagull House is a very short walk to the beach where Girlguiding have their very own beach hut! During break, the Brownies made their own beach hut which were displayed after break. Again, just like the Brownies in Group 1 last week we had some fantastic creations mainly from Lego this time plus one made from Jenga bricks by Amy.

As our sound issues had finally been fixed (silly Daffodil forgot to “share” the sound) – we were able to complete our 3rd challenge – learn the Macarena – a crazy dance that came out in 1993.  The Brownies had a great time dancing along to the video with a few mums joining in too.  Keeping with the music theme and as requested by the Brownies, we then played musical statues.

This week’s other time-filler games as voted by the Brownies: Virtual Hide and Seek, Izzy Whizzy, Hangman, Battleships, crazy drawings, beetle drive plus a couple of scavenger hunts.  The very last thing was for Jackie to tell us what honorary Brownie name she had picked. It was Bluebell in honour of her friend’s granddaughter. Welcome Bluebell 😊

That’s it for now – it’s our virtual sleepover Zoo-ing Animal Kingdom for 15 of the Brownies this weekend; for those not joining us, we’ll see Group 1 next week to complete the penultimate decade of our challenge badge – the 2000s!

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