Monday 28 June – It’s the Millennium!

This week we finally reached the 2000s! Although there were some devastating events in the 2000s: the 9/11 terror attacks and the start of the Iraq war there were also many highlights: in 2001 the first Harry Potter movie came out, 2008 saw the first black President of the United States and the iPod was released in 2004.

Many people sadly lost their lives and peace was shattered across the world so for our first challenge we made the international symbol for peace – the dove. We made a lovely paper dove together on zoom.  It was pretty easy to make so we also played a special edition of Harry Potter Would You Rather at the same time. During break, the Brownies made another peace dove; this one was on a fold-able heart with a peace message written inside.

The first Harry Potter movie came out in 2001: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone so the second half of our meeting was dedicated to all things Harry Potter (HP).  Those who had them dressed up in their HP costumes, we showed off our wands and other HP memorabilia. We played HP bingo, Would You Rather and Hang Man.

This week’s time-filler games included Drawing Without Seeing – this was the first time we played this.  Daffodil described a picture using just shapes and colours (such as draw a large blue square) and the Brownies had to draw their interpretation.  We also played virtual hide and seek, battleships, Izzy Whizzy and we finished with a quick-fire scavenger hunt.

That’s it for now – Group 2’s turn next week to journey through the 2000s.

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