Monday 7 June – Volcanic Eruptions Part Deux!

It was Group 2’s turn to celebrate the 1980s as part of our Girlguiding Lincolnshire South 60th birthday challenge badge.  After a quick catch-up finding out what everyone had done over the half term we jumped straight into 1980. On 18 May 1980, an earthquake struck Mount St. Helens in Washington, USA, triggering the largest landslide recorded in history and a major volcanic eruption. For this challenge, we watched a video of the actual eruption and landslide which reduced the mountain’s summit from 2950m to 2549m, leaving a one-mile wide horseshoe-shaped crater. We learnt that the mountain is still an active stratovolcano and it is predicted that future eruptions will likely be even larger than this 1980 eruption. Buttercup then amazed us with her own volcano experiment – mixing vinegar and baking soda to make “lava” pour out of her home-made paper mache mountain! It was even more epic than her first attempt with Group 1!!

Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minster for the whole of the 1980s. She was the first female British Prime Minster and was born and brought up in Grantham where her father owed 2 grocery shops.  For this challenge we put ourselves in her shoes and wrote our own manifesto – what laws would we want to change or bring in? The Brownies completed their manifestos during break; they had 4 areas to concentrate on home, community, learning and the UK in general. After break, we went through everyone’s suggestions and voted on the following laws:

Home – everyone should have a home; more homes for the homeless.
Community – stop littering; stop people dropping litter.
Learning – more teachers.
UK – more the UK a happier place.

In 1982, Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands and Britain went to war. A couple of our parents plus Daffodil have been to the Falklands as part of their RAF careers and Daffodil told the Brownies a little about the Falklands including the 18-hour flight to get there! The Falklands is well known for its penguin population so for this challenge we made a simple weaving penguin.  While we made our penguins, we told each other silly jokes – Emily , in particular, had loads and Daffodil just pulled off silly ones from the internet!

This week’s time-filler games included Picture Perfect – we had to draw what we could see our monitors without looking down at our pieces of paper. Trickier than you think!  We played Izzy Whizzy, Virtual Hide & Seek plus a game of hangman on the whiteboard.  Group 2 also played Guess Who? for the first time.  As per Group 1 last week, the Brownies dressed up in a variety of accessories including hats, sunglasses and props and started off by holding up their hand.  Daffodil picked a Brownie and the rest had to ask elimination questions to work who it was; the last one holding up their hand was the Brownie!

That’s it for now – Group 1 are back next week to start on our 1990s challenges.  Have a good week everyone.

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