Zoo-ming Animal Kingdom Sleepover – June 2021

Following the success of our first ever virtual sleep over in January, we did it again this weekend. This time our theme Zoo-ming Animal Kingdom, looking at different animals in the 6 different classifications: Amphibians, Birds, Fish, Mammals and Reptiles plus those without a backbone – the invertebrates. We had 15 Brownies, 3 sister, one brother and 3 Leaders joined us on our virtual zoo journey!

We started our journey Saturday morning by visiting mammal enclosure and fish aquarium. Did you know that there are over 30,000 different kinds of fish in the world! We started off with a fun game of animal bingo then made our delicious Rice Krispie Nests (these are actually part of our Aviary activities but we swapped them round as they needed an hour in the fridge to set). We watched a couple of very short videos on fish and sharks before singing the popular Guiding and Scout Baby Shark song – complete with actions.  Our last activity was to make a start on a wool pom pom which we would finish off together in the afternoon. We signed off for this session but the girls were very busy all day completing other crafts and activities from the programme booklet and we had a steady stream of uploads to our Facebook group.

Saturday afternoon was our fantastic virtual animal session led by Maria of Amazing Animal Encounters.  We meet Domino the 13-day lamb; some wild canines including Martha the wild racoon dog (also known as the mangut, tanuki or Neoguri) from East Asia, Vincent the silver fox and Mimi the 4-year old female fox.  We had lots of questions from the girls and found out lots of interesting facts about these animals and Victor the 45 year old giant tortoise! An amazing zoom session – thank you Maria.  We finished off our afternoon session by adding our completed wool pom poms to a cardboard template to make .. an amazingly cute hedgehog! A quick game of animal dobble and it was time to sign off again.

Our last Zoom session Saturday evening we were visiting the Bird Aviary and Amphibian House. We started out by making fabulous marshallow sheep (part of the mammal enclosure from this morning but we swapped round the cooking activities). We finished our visit to the Bird Aviary with an short informative video about birds before making our amazing bird pencil toppers out of feathers and pipe cleaners. On to the Amphibian House with another quick video explaining what amphibians are playing a couple of amphibian themed games including Frogs in a Pond and Fox, Frog, Flea.  We finished off with a bedtime story read by Buttercup. Then it was time to say goodnight and go to sleep in a variety of dens, sleeping bags and tents made by the Brownies.

Sunday morning saw us up bright and early at 9.30am. For this Zoom session, we were visiting the Reptile and Invertebrates Houses  so started with virtual visitor: River’s Rodents & Reptiles. This was an amazing session as we got to meet 5 different animals: Dude the blue tongued skink lizard, Mia the cornsnake, Coco the tortoise, Brains the rat and Mertle the guinea pig. We finished with a quiz about the animals we had meet and a Q&A session. Thank you River, an amazing virtual visitor! After saying goodbye to our visitor we watched a short video to introduce us to the world of invertebrates before making a lovely no-sew caterpillar sock. We had a lovely natter while sewing, talking about our favourite parts of the sleepover weekend and sharing all our amazing crafts we’d been completing.  Just time for one last game: Life Cycle Survival and all too soon, it was time to say goodbye and enjoy the rest of our weekend.

The girls have 2 weeks to finish all their activities (6 in total for the badge from the programme booklet) and we are looking forward to seeing photos of everyone’s efforts.  All photos received so far have been uploaded. Keep them coming, Daffodil will check badge evidence during the week.

A great virtual sleepover; thank you to the Brownies being so brilliant, joining in and giving it their all. Thank you to the parents for their support and being on hand to help their daughters when needed. Thank you to Buttercup & Daisy for giving up their weekend to make it happen.

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