Monday 13 September – Team Building Night

This week was our termly team building week; firstly though, Jasmine as Daffodil Little Helper (as she won Weekly Best Brownie last week) took the register. We welcomed Bex, a work colleague of Daffodil, who will be popping in and helping us for a few weeks before moving on. We reminded ourselves of the importance of social distancing during the meeting before splitting into 3 groups. Four Brownies went with Buttercup and Blue Cheese for do some much needed pruning of our planters; indeed, Daffodil took home 2 enormous tubs full of garden waste for her green bin! Our Tweenies, Charlotte, Evie P, Grace, Holly and Paige went with Snowdrop to start their Tweenie pre-promise programme.  The rest of the Brownies worked through their Brownie adventure books before playing some games.

The team building game is called 50/50 – don’t know why its called that as it’s nothing to do with what you do but Daffodil has been using it since 2002 and it’s fun all the same.  We split into our 4 Sixes and played a variety of games based on the very old 1968 Brownie programme 8-point system.  We had to adapt this in line with our COVID-19 safety procedures with lots of social distancing, reduction of shared equipment etc. so instead of competing against each other in 4 lines, we split the Sixes up into 3 different rooms.  We also played just 6 out of the usual 8 games (missing out Brownies keep fit, Brownies are friendly and Brownies enjoy the out doors) but it was still hectic and the Brownies had a fabulous time having fun whilst working their team building skills.  Scores given were 4 points for 1st place; 3 points for 2nd place, 2 points for 3rd place and 1 point for 4th place.

GAME 1 – DO YOUR BEST.  Girls took turns to run up to a pile of different coloured paper.  Each slip of paper had a part of the our promise on.  Once they had all their bits of paper, the Brownies had to re-arrange them to form the new promise.  The fastest team to complete the task was the winner!
GAME 2 – LEND A HAND – BY KEEPING A ROOM TIDY.  Brownies had one minute to run up and pick up a button using just on hand.  The team with the most buttons after one minute was the winner.
GAME 3 – HELP AT HOME.  Each team had to finish picking up the rest of the buttons.  The fastest to complete the task was the winner.
GAME 4 – MAKE THINGS.  Two Brownies from each team had one minute to make the longest chain of paperclips they could. After the minute, both paperclip chains were joined together and the longest from the 4 groups was the winner.
GAME 5 – WIDE AWAKE.  Teams had to find matching pairs of cut up post cards.  They had 2 minutes and the team with the most pairs won.
GAME 6 – MAKE THINGS.  Two Brownies from each team had 2 minutes to rip out the largest continuous snake possible from a piece of wrapping paper.  After the 2 minutes, the 2 snakes were stuck together and the longest snake from all groups was the winner.

Super well done to all girls who had a fabulous time and showed great teamwork and sportsmanship.  The overall scores were as follows: Foxes 16 points; Hedgehogs 17, Rabbits 18 and the Squirrels won with an impressive 22.

Each member of the Squirrels received a super team building badge and all scores will be added to the Best Six league table. This week’s Best Brownie was nominated by the adults who decided that Sophie had shown the most sportsmanship and teamwork during the games.  Well done Sophie!  Sophie received a lovely certificate and got to take home the trophy for the week and chose to take home our penguin mascot. Our Brownie dolly mascot was awarded to Holly for excellent Tweenie work with Snowdrop.

That’s it for now – back next week to start on our Make a Change skills builder.

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