Monday 20 September – Brownies on the Move!

Week 3 of returning to face to face indoor guiding after 18-month absence and we’re finally getting back into the swing of things. The last 2 meetings have been crazy hectic so this week we took a deep breath and aimed to go just a little bit slower so we could all (adults included) enjoy the meeting a little better with less stress and rushing around! Firstly though we send well wishes and virtual hugs to poor Buttercup and Hayley who were poorly and unable to attend (not COVID related the hasten to add!).

Snowdrop took our Tweenies for their pre-promise work while the rest of us worked through our adventure books. Daffodil challenged the Brownies to complete the task on Page 11 and learn to say “thank you” in 2 different languages. Those who didn’t want to do the challenge picked another activity such as a word search or puzzle from the book to do instead. We found out that Mia’s mum is Finnish, we have lots of Welsh ancestry in the Unit and that Daffodil’s granddad was a famous professor of languages who could speak 20 languages – honest!

We came back together to start our Skills Builder badge for the term: Make Change and completed the Environmental Detectives activity. The aim of this activity was to explore our local area, find environmental issues near us and feel inspired to make changes. We combined this with the Take Action UMA: Brownies on the Move. The aim of the UMA was to investigate our local area and think about changes you’d like to see. These 2 activities were so similar we combined them to run at the same time.

Inside the hall, with lots of social distancing and anti-bac, we stood in a circle and passed a ball round; when the Brownie got the ball she had to give an example of something people do that’s bad for the environment, like dropping litter. She then passed to ball to someone else who gave another example and so on until everyone had had a turn. We repeated the game again but this time said things that people can do to hep the environment like planting flowers. We wrote down our clues and used these to investigate our local area for the next task. We had some great ideas from the girls. For the “bad” category we had leaving rubbish in the forest, throwing things in the sea, cutting down trees, poaching etc. For the “good” category, we had recycling, reusable shopping bags, switching lights off, litter picking, planting more tress etc.

Outside the hall, Leaders put on their high-viz vests and we went for a 10-minute walk around our venue. We were looking for things which help people get around such as a cycle lane and also for things which need fixing or changing such as broken lights. We also tied in the first activity clues. Again, some great observations from the Brownies about what needed fixing including lots of wonky signs, cracked paths, pot holes, no cycle lane and overflowing rubbish bins. On the plus side we had speed bumps, street lights, zebra crossing and lots of signs.

Back together to discuss our findings and complete our Best Brownie nominations slips before playing some games. Finally, we finished by awarding Charlotte the Best Brownie of the Week trophy. Well done Charlotte who was nominated by 2 Brownies and Daffodil for being kind, helpful and taking part fully in our activity discussions.  Charlotte took home a certificate, the trophy and penguin mascot for the week. Snowdrop nominated Paige as this week’s best Tweenie so she got to take home our Brownie mascot for the week.

That’s it, thank you to Snowdrop, Bluebell and Bex for all their help this week.

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