Monday 27 September – Water Safety Week

This week we started the Canal & River Trust Explorers Challenge badge. To earn the badge we must complete one activity from each of the 6 sections: Games & Activities, Arts & Crafts, Wildlife, Water Safety, History and Out & About. Over the next 6 weeks we will learn about the “boaters”, people who lived and worked in narrow boats along the canals and their traditions and history. This week we worked on the Water Safety section.  Firstly though, we had good news to share – no more social distancing! Our venue has relaxed its COVID-19 safety procedures so we were able to get together in a proper Brownie ring for the first time this term. Although procedures have been relaxed, we are still being cautious to protect all our volunteers and Leaders, so lots of anti-bac, no singing or shouting and some Leaders are still wearing masks inside.  Charlotte, as last week’s Best Brownie was Daffodil’s Little Helper so took the register with help from Kitty. We had a short pow wow to see what everyone had been up to since our last meeting. We then split into 4 groups:

Our Tweenies with Snowdrop carried on working through their Becoming a Brownie books and Mission Promise to get ready to take their Promise in December.  All our new Sixers and Seconds had a session with Daisy to discuss their new responsibilities and make sure everyone was happy in their new role. Buttercup & Bluebell took Bobbin, Emily, Mia and Isabel to our planters to continue their much-needed maintenance. Thank you Buttercup who filled up 2 enormous buckets with garden waste and too home to put in her green bin. The rest of the girls with Daffodil, Bex and our Brownie Helper Emily did an activity from the Brownie Adventure books – designing our dream bedroom with £500 budget.

We came back together to work on this week’s challenge – water safety. We learnt all about the Water Safety Code and the SAFE message (Stay Away From the Edge) .We wrote our own water safety tips, made a 4-word phase to remember the Water Safety Code and designed our own Water Safety signs (photos of all the Brownies hard work have been uploaded).

During break, we completed the Games and Activities challenge and went outside to play hopscotch. Hopscotch was a favourite game with boaters’ children because they could play it on the towpath when the boat was tied up for the night. The Brownies marked out the “court” with chalk on the ground and took turns to play.

To finish, we played some games before our awards presentations.  Isla was nominated as this month’s Smartest Brownie and took home a lovely certificate and uniform badge. Isla also took home the Brownie doll mascot. Gracie was nominated by the Leaders as this week’s Best Brownie for working very hard during all the challenges and being an excellent Second of the Rabbits. Well done Gracie, who received a lovely certificate and took home the trophy and penguin mascot for the week.  Isabel received her 8th birthday and 3 anniversary badges and Jasmine received her 9th birthday.

That’s it for now, next week we’ll be continuing our Skills Builder badge.

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