Monday 18 October – Excellent Elephants!

This week we continued our Make Change Skills Builder badge. After our weekly pow-wow to catch up, we said a massive thank you to Buttercup for running last week’s meeting. While our Tweenies were working through their Tweenie programme with Snowdrop, Sunflower and Blue Cheese, the rest of the girls did an activity from the old Brownie Adventure Book – Holiday Style. In Sixes, the girls had a Brownie mannequin outline who was going on a tour of the World Centres. We talked about the World Centres and what the Brownie would need when visiting each one. For example: at Our Chalet, Switzerland, the Brownie was going downhill skiing. It can get very cold but the sun is quite strong. Skiing can be dangerous so she needs to be safe. The girls had 5 minutes to draw and cut out the necessary outfits and items needed e.g. coat, gloves, googles etc. the Brownies had fun completing this activity and managed to create some awesome outfits!

Once back together again, we completed The Greatest Place on Earth! Skills builder.  The aim of the activity was to understand the meaning of change, make choices and practise making positive changes. The Brownies took turns to become planners, architects and designer to create a plan of their chosen place. We had a castle, zoo, theme park and a garden. Our next activity was the All Creatures Great and Small UMA, the aim of which was to identify what and why animals are in danger, explore the reasons different animals are affect and decide how to help them. Whilst we discussed these issues we made a fabulous foam elephant  (as the African elephant is in danger due to climate change, poaching, habitat destruction and conflict with people) complete the sparkly decorations.

We finished off with some games run by Blue Cheese before our awards for the week.  Weekly Best Brownie was Kitty – excellent work during the meeting and fabulous Sixer leader skills. Super well done to Kitty who received a certificate and took home our Brownie dolly mascot for the week (as our trophy and Penguin mascot hadn’t been returned by last week’s winner who was away for her birthday – Happy Birthday Ayda!!). This week’s neatest necker award went to Aurora whose mum had ironed it specially. Well done Aurora who received a lovely certificate and marvellous Smiggle pencil.

That’s it for now, half term next week so no Brownies. Have a great half term everyone 😊

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