Monday 4 October – Insect Invaders!

This week we continued the Take Action skills builder Make Change. We welcomed a new member – Sienna is new to Girlguiding and joined the Rabbits with Sophie as her Brownie Buddy. Sienna received her welcome/joining pack and jumped straight in with all activities. Well done and welcome Sienna. We had a pow wow to catch up on the week and suggest names for our newest Unit Helper, Hayley. Suggestions included Dandelion, Tulip, Lavender, Poppy, Foxglove and Sunflower – Hayley was given the list and asked to tell us which one she preferred at the end of the meeting.

Our Tweenies with Snowdrop, Bluebell and Blue Cheese continued working through their promise programme, getting ready to take their Promise in December. No gardening this week due to the bad weather so the rest of us played games. Firstly though, we had a lesson on how to roll up our neckers properly as quite a few were looking very scruffy! Daffodil has brought back the Weekly Neatest Necker award to encourage the girls to take a bit more pride in the neckers.

We split into Sixes to complete the Changing Minds activity. The aim of the activity was to learn what an opinion was, explain your opinion to other people and see things from a different point of view. We adapted this heavily to try and make it more interactive and enjoyed sharing and comparing our opinions of like “Minecraft is a better game than Roblox”, “Cats are the best animals in the world” and “Sushi is the most disgusting food (Daffodil did not agree with this one!!). We got together as a group to explore this further by comparing different opinions and sharing what we all thought.

Our next activity was the Take Action UMA – Insect Invaders. The aim of this activity was to understand the impact of introducing a new species to an environment and explore ways we can help stop the spread of harmful species.  Using the grey squirrel as an example of how an “invading” animal has displaced a native animal (our red squirrel), we played a game pretending to be ladybirds.  Harlequin ladybirds were the invaders impacting on our native ladybird species the 7-spot ladybird, 14-spot ladybird and 2-spot ladybirds.

Back together again for our awards: Evie N was nominated by the Leaders as this week’s Best brownies. Evie was very enthusiastic during both activities and contributed greatly to the group discussions.  Evie choose to take home our Penguin mascot for the week.  Florence was the first recipient of our restored Weekly Neatest Necker award. She received a lovely certificate and super cute Smiggle unicorn pencil.  Evie also received her 3rd anniversary award. Well done to both. Hayley choose the name “Sunflower”. We’ve not had a Sunflower since our last Young Leader Alice left in 2013 so it was nice to revive the name.  A huge Brownie hello and welcome to Sunflower.

That’s it for now. Daffodil is away next week as its her birthday so Buttercup will be running the meeting which will be arts and crafts as part of the Canal and River Challenge badge.

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