Monday 1 November – We Will Remember Them

This week we had a break from the official Brownie programme to learn about Armistice Day/Remembrance Sunday which are in a couple of weeks. Firstly though, we excitingly welcomed 2 new members this week: Emily S who has moved up from Rainbows and Anya who is new to Girlguiding. Both joined the Squirrels with Kitty as their Brownie Buddy.  A massive Brownie hello and welcome to both. Kitty as last week’s Best Brownie was Daffodil’s Little Helper so took the register before our Tweenies went off to continue their pre-promise programme and the rest of us tried 2 new games: Fishes and Hiding Hedgehogs as well as playing some old favourites: Beans and Traffic Lights.

Once back together, we started off with a short presentation by Daffodil to learn about Armistice/Remembrance Day.  The Brownies seemed most interested in the origins of the Poppy and that in India, a marigold is also a symbol of Remembrance.  Millions of people from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh served alongside Britain in WWI and WWII and the marigold is particularly special in India, where it is often used at important occasions such as weddings and other religious festival.  The saffron colour of the flowers has been described as “the colour of sacrifice”.

Onto our first craft of the evening – individual poppies.  Every Brownie made 3 very simple paper poppies, 2 of which were then attached to a black cardboard circle giving us a lovely, handmade poppy wreath.  The Brownies then used their last poppy to make something to take home. They wrote out the following poem  “I have a little poppy, as red as red can be, to show that I remember those who fought to make me free” and added their last poppy.  The Brownies did a smashing job and made lots of lovely poppy/poem displays to take home.  Our wreaths will be finished during the week by Daffodil ready to be laid at the Church and Bracebridge Heath War Memorial next week.

We finished off by tidying up before our weekly awards.  Weekly Neatest Necker was Eliora who received a lovely certificate and smuggle pencil. Blue Cheese also received her 10 and 15 hour Brownie Helper certificates – thank you Blue Cheese for all your efforts so far.  We didn’t have a Weekly Best Brownie at the meeting as we didn’t receive any nominations; however, Daffodil found some when she got home so Weekly Best Brownie will be retrospectively awarded to Bobbin.  Well done Bobbin who received 3 nominations for being a superb stand-in Second and very kind.

That’s it for now, next week we’re celebrating World Hello Day but will also mark Armistice Day/Remembrance Sunday by wearing a poppy and having a 2-minute silence.

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