Monday 15 November – Blow Us Away!

This week we finished our Skills Builder badge: Make Change. We completed the Impact-o-Meter activity; the aim of which was to take action to care for the environment and explore the impact of our actions.  We started as a group to talk about actions people can do to protect or care for the world around you. Suggestions included picking up litter, using less water, planting more trees and switching to electric cars.  We then made our own impact-o-meter to record our actions. The Brownies took these home and were asked to write on the back of their impact-o-meter every time they did something plus move the arm up one space to show that you’ve done it. Hopefully, by the end of the week, the arm will be pointing at the last action space. Brownies were encouraged to bring these back next week to share what they had done.

Our next activity was the UMA Blow Us Away. The aim was to explore the benefits of wind energy, understand the importance of renewable energy and design effective wind turbines. We talked about wind turbines and then made our own versions of a wind turbine.

Mid way through our meeting we had a lovely visitor. Muriel from 1st Waddington Rainbows came and presented Ayda with her Rainbow Gold Award.  Wow!  Well done Ayda, what a fantastic achievement.

After tidying up, we played some games before our weekly awards. Weekly Best Brownie as nominated by Bluebell was Ayda and Sophie won our Weekly Neatest Necker awards. Well done to both who received a lovely certificate, pencil and got to take home one of our mascots for the week.

That’s it for now, next week we’ll be finishing the Canals and Rivers Challenge badge.

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