Monday 8 November – Hello!

This week we made cards in preparation of World Hello Day on Sunday 21 November. We are taking part as a District so everyone made a special World Hello Day card to pass to another Girlguiding member within our District. We made 31 cards in all! In a few weeks, we’ll excitingly receive cards back from another Unit complete with a special badge!  Daisy was running this meeting this week as part of her Leadership Qualification Course so we even had a very rare visit from our District Commissioner, Sarai who came along to see how Daisy got on.

So, what is World Hello Day? This article from explains what World Hello Day is all about ..

Well, it might surprise you, but the Oxford English Dictionary says the first published use of ‘Hello’ goes way back to 1827. It states that it was, in fact, Thomas Edison, the American inventor and businessman, who put the greeting into common usage. He would request the people who would use his phone to say ‘Hello’. Today, it’s become a custom to celebrate November 21st every year as World Hello Day. But do you know the background of this day? The origins of this day can be traced back to the conflict between Egypt and Israel in 1973 when people across the world used the word to demand peace. Since then World Hello Day has been observed by 180 different countries around the world. Every year celebrations are held all over the world to observe this day. The idea is to greet ‘Hello’ to ten different people throughout the day, therefore promoting peace and friendship. Brilliant…isn’t it!

We finished our cards just in time to play some games before the end of our meeting. This week’s awards: Weekly Best Brownie, nominated by Buttercup, was Evie and our weekly Neatest Necker Award, nominated by Daisy, went to Isabel.  Will done to both who received a lovely certificate, pencil and got to take home one of our mascots for the week. We also held a 2-minute silence in the Church and laid our poppy wreath. Well done to those brownies who wore a poppy as requested, everyone received 25 extra points for the Best Six League table.

Thank you and well done to Daisy for running the meeting. That’s it for now, see you all next week!

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