Monday 6 December – I Promise …

This week was run by Snowdrop and we made lovely woolly hat Christmas tree decorations. We were missing a few Brownies due to a COVID-19 outbreak at school but that didn’t dampen our enthusiasm. We started off with a pow wow, talking about what we’d been up to all week, who had visited Lincoln Christmas market and who had seen Father Christmas. Snowdrop, Buttercup and Bluebell then sat down with the girls and showed them how to make the pom-pom hats. They were really simple to make and most of the Brownies caught on really quickly.

We finished and tidied up by 7pm before having a run through of our Promise ceremony. Only 3 of our Brownies had been to one of our full-on traditional ceremonies so we had a run through to remind the girls of the parts they take too. At 7.15pm most of our parents had arrived so we made a start.

It was Buttercup’s turn to take the Promise ceremony so Daffodil was her assistant and took all the photos. Blue Cheese acted as Brownie Buddy to all the girls so took them into the corridor for the start of the ceremony.  Blue Cheese knocked on the door and all the Brownies joined in saying “There’s a knocking in the woods tonight” as she brought the girls to our special “pond” and introduced them to Buttercup. “This is Charlotte, Evie, Holly and Paige and they would like to join the 1st Waddington (RAF) Brownies”. Buttercup welcomed the girls and confirmed they were ready to take their Promise.  The girls looked into the pond and everyone joined in and sang “Twist me, turn me and show me the elf, I looked in the water and there saw ..” At this point, the girls shouted “MYSELF!!!”.  Back to Buttercup, to say the Brownie Promise and the Law; they were all excellent, saying them both very clearly before Buttercup had the very important job of passing the girls their Promise badges (due to COVID-19 restrictions, we didn’t actually pin them on as usual but asked parents to do this instead).  Back to the pond to see if anything had changed; again, everyone joined in “Twist me, turn me and show me the elf, I looked in the water and there saw … ” Again, at this point our new Brownies shouted “A BROWNIE!!”  The new Brownies then saluted the Unit and everyone saluted them back after which Buttercup gave out all the goodies: a certificate, an Adventure book and lots of badges.  Well done, congratulations and welcome to our newest Brownies and super well done to Buttercup who did a smashing job too.

It was then time to go, we just reminded the girls that next week is our end of term Christmas Disco – Daffodil will send out full details to all parents in our weekly email but details are also on this website here. See you then 😊

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