Monday 10 January – Happy New Year!

Happy New Year and welcome back everyone!  We had a smashing first meeting back which included welcoming 2 new girls: Skyla has come up from 1st Bracebridge Heath Rainbows and Alicia is a new joiner. Fascinating fact: Alicia’s Aunty Amy used to be one of our Brownies!!! Our “newbies” received their free welcome packs: a personalised 1st Waddington (RAF) Brownies sling bag, pencil case stuff full of goodies plus their necker and woggle.  Our older Tweenies (Emily and Sienna) with Snowdrop continued completing their pre-promise programme and preparations for their Promise ceremony. The rest of the girls played games including old favourites splat and traffic lights plus tried a couple of new games.

This week we played one of our favourite team building games – Bandaged Up.  The Brownies had to work in their Sixes to get as many points as possible to win the competition:

Game 1 – Who’s the Patient? Girls had to stand in a big circle and throw a small foam rugby ball.  Anyone who dropped it or didn’t throw it properly became a patient and sat down.  The last brownie standing was the winner who received 15 points for the score board; 2nd place got 10 points and 3rd 5 points.

Game 2 – What Word? A simple quiz where the first letter of all the answers made up the word BANDAGES.

Game 3 – Bandaged Up.  Each member of the Six took turns to be the patient and the nurse.  Teams had 2 minutes to wrap various parts of the body in “bandages”.  They finished off by making our own “mummies” which the Brownies thoroughly enjoyed.

Game 4 – The Right Department.  Girls had to follow a set of simple instructions: “On a Trolley” – stand still with arms up (rather than laying down); “Visiting Time” – walk around; “Physiotherapy” – jump up and down; “X-Ray” – stand still.

Final scores: Foxes 47; Rabbits 45 and Squirrels 21; are there were only 3 Foxes attending we split them into the other Sixes just for this game.  Well done the Foxes who literally pipped the Rabbits to the post. All received a rather marvellous Team Building badge.

Awards for the week: 2nd anniversary badges for Evie P and Weekly Best Brownie was Alicia; Alicia impressed with the Leaders with her go to attitude and enthusiasm and more importantly never moaned once when she was “out” during the games (unlike some Brownies!!) showing real sportsmanship. Alicia received a lovely certificate and Brownie pencil to keep and got to take home our trophy and mascots for the week.

That’s it for now; next week we start on the Skills for My Future Skills Builder: Lead (as chosen by the Brownies last term).

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