Monday 17 January – Taking the Lead

This week, as chosen by the Brownies, we started the Skillls for My Future skills builder badge: Lead. Firstly, though we welcomed another new starter this week Iris. Iris has moved up from Rainbows and joined the Hedgehogs with Jasmine as her Brownie Buddy. Welcome Iris!

Our Group 1 Tweenies, Ayda and Emily S, with Snowdrop and Blue Cheese continued working through their pre-promise programme. The rest of us jumped straight into our first skills builder activity: Dance Challenge. The aim of the activity was to lead a group, encourage others and motivate their friends to dance! Daffodil had picked out 5 popular songs for the Brownies to vote for their favourite.  With 9 votes, Hakuna Matata, from the Lion King was the firm favourite and the Brownies were given 10 minutes to come up with a quick dance routine. The Sixes then took turns to show off their dance moves.  We were very impressed with how well the girls worked and particularly impressed with the Hedgehogs who started their dance conga style. We loved Isabel’s improvised lion crawl around her Six, the Squirrels, during their dance. To show that the Leaders won’t ask the Brownies to do something they won’t do, Bluebell, Daffodil and Sunflower dusted of their dancing shoes for a quick boogey too! We then voted for the best dance, the Hedgehogs. Well done!

A quick drink, then we were on to our next activity: Rope Race Challenge. Daffodil had set up an obstacle course using the pew chairs, hula hoops, sports markers and balls and most importantly, very long skipping ropes! The aim of the activity was to solve the problem of the obstacle course, work together as a team so they could finish the course. The Sixes had to complete the obstacle course whilst everyone held onto the rope. It took a few minutes for the Sixes to work out exactly what to do – they had to think about everyone in their team as they moved forward and encourage each other. If they knocked anything over or missed catching the ball at the end, they had to start again. After 4-5 practices, each Six eventually solved the problems and completed the obstacle course. They enjoyed it so much, we played again, making it a little bit harder. Definitely, one to do again- maybe turn into one of our termly team building games??

Our awards this week were a 2nd anniversary badge for Jasmine, Christmas Advent Challenge badges for the 9 Brownies who completed the challenge during December and our weekly Best Brownie was Amy. Excellent team-work and leadership skills shown in both activities. Amy received a lovely certificate and pencil and took home the trophy and penguin mascot for the week. Our Brownie doll mascot was given to Paige – sheer determination and never giving up during a tricky part of the rope challenge.

That’s it for now. Next week is our Burn’s Night celebration complete with haggis and Highland Games!!

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