Monday 25 April: Bring a Friend Night

This week we held our termly Team Building night which was combined with a Bring a Friend Night too.  We were expecting 6 friends but an amazing 11 turned up giving us 35 girls in total.  We split up into our Sixes to gain as many points as possible and to help get to know each other a bit better, the Brownies had 7 “Dexterity” themed fun games to try.

Bouncing Balloons: passing a fully inflated balloon to each other using only their knees.
Bean Bag Balance: Balancing as many bean bags as possible on their heads.
Cotton Wool Race: Fetching cotton wool balls using plastic spoons in their mouths.
Hula Hoop Wave: Passing a hula hoop down a line of Brownies handing hands using just wavy-arm movements.
Chopstick Race: Moving M&Ms from one bowl to another using chopsticks.
Malteser Jump: Using a straw to blow a Malteser the furthest distance.
Paper Fish Race: Moving paper fish by “Wafting” with a piece of cardboard.

The Brownies and their friends had a great time, lots of fun and laughing and the final results were 4th Rabbits with 35 points; 3rd Foxes with 55 points; 2nd  Squirrels with 60 points and finally with 1st place, the Hedgehogs with 70 points. Well done to the Hedgehogs who will receive their Team Building badges next week.

Weekly Best Brownie was awarded to the Brownie who showed the most sportsmanship during the games and Buttercup nominated Grace. Well done Grace who received a lovely certificate and pencil to keep plus took home our Penguin mascot and Best Brownie trophy for the week.

All our lovely friends received a special 1st Waddington (RAF) Brownies as a thank you for coming plus a leaflet and letter all about our Unit. At the typing of this, we’ve had 3 Join Us queries already and look forward to welcoming these girls next week.

We welcomed Olivia as our newest joiner this week. Olivia joined the Foxes with Mia as her Brownie Buddy. Congratulations to Florence who has moved to the Foxes to be their Sixer, Mia is their new Second. Gracie was promoted to Sixer of the Rabbits with Bobbin as her Second. Amy took over as Second of the Squirrels. Well done to all. Lastly, we were delighted to welcome back Amelia aka Frank who left Brownies to move up to Guides 3 years ago. Amelia has returned as a potential Young Leader and joins Blue Cheese, our Brownie Helper and Aimee, our DofE volunteer, on our “youngsters’ team.”

That’s it for now.

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