Monday 9 May – Navigate to Treasure!

This week we started the Skills Builder badge Explore from the Have Adventures theme. Firstly though we welcomed 3 new girls who enjoyed our Bring a Friend night so much they came back! Welcome to Alyce, Emma and Olivia R who received their welcome packs and were assigned a Brownie Buddy to help them settle in. We also welcomed a potential new adult helper – Corinna (Crin) who came along to see what we’re all about and hopefully join us as a new volunteer. A massive Brownie hello and welcome to all 😊

Our 4 new Tweenies, Alyce, Emma, Olivia B and Olivia R went with Snowdrop and their Sixers to make a start on their Tweenie programme using a combination of the old Becoming a Brownie book, Mission Promise challenge and the Bring on the Brownie handbook.

Daisy had a “mentoring” session with our new Sixers and Seconds, going through our handy guide and explaining to them their new “responsibilities” and what it means to be in charge of their Six.

The rest of us played the “Let it Snow” UMA. The aim of the activity was simply a race to build the ultimate snow person. The girls had a set of hats, scarfs, gloves, stickers (for buttons), a carrot and a dice. They took turns to roll the dice and dress the snow person according to their dice roll. A fun game and definitely one to do again.

Once we were all back together, we made a start on the Skills Builder – Navigate to Treasure. The aim of the activity was to make our own sextant and work out a code. The girls in pairs, made a simple sextant from card, a straw, string and a metal washer. Daffodil had placed a marker for each Six on the wall along with 3 lines spaced apart. Once all the sextants were made, the girls had to use them to work out the angle from the line to the marker. At the end, they added up all the angles to see if they had worked out the correct code. Most did!

We had time for some games before our awards. We had an 8th birthday badge for Sienna, 9th birthday badge for Mia and 1st anniversary badges for Emily H and Charlotte. Emily also received her Languages interest badge – she worked very hard on this so is well deserved. Snowdrop nominated Alyce as this week’s Best Brownie for her excellent work during Tweenies. Alyce received a lovely certificate and pencil to keep plus took home the trophy and our Brownie doll mascot for the week. Our biggest award though was to Daisy who has completed the Leadership Qualification and is now a fully qualified Brownie Leader. Super well done to Daisy who worked very hard to complete the qualification. We also presented Daisy with her birthday card as it is her birthday at the weekend and we sang Happy Birthday to Daisy, Sienna and Mia.

That’s it for now. Next week we start our Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebrations – can’t wait!!

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