Monday 6 June – Penny Hike!

This week we welcomed another 2 new starters: Hannah who came to our Bring a Friend night last month and joined the Rabbits with Gracie as her Brownie Buddy; Darcie-Bay joined after her mummy saw our article in the Heathcliff View! Darcie-Bay has joined the Squirrels with Kitty as her Brownie buddy. Both girls are new to Girlguiding and received their welcome pack of a 1st Waddington (RAF) Brownies sling bag plus their necker and woggle to wear.

Our 4 Tweenies: Alyce, Emma and Olivia B and Olivia R went with Snowdrop, Blue Cheese and their Sixers to continue their promise prep. Whilst they did that, the rest of us made a start on our first activity. Ray of Light from the Explore Skills Builder badge. The aim of this activity is to find out how to keep your cool and stay safe in the sun. In our Sixes, we played a board game with the aim of getting to the end of the board as quickly as possible by following all the sun safe rules. Protect cards were forfeits and included forgetting to put our sun cream on or not reading the safety signs and flags on the beach. The Safe cards were rewards and included being in the shade, remembering our sun hats and sun glasses and getting help from the lifeguard. After a couple of games, some of the Brownies also played Sun Safe snap.

Once back together we moved on to our next skills: A City Walk. The aim was to think about how to explore a new city, be aware of the possible risks and discover how to be a thoughtful visitor.  We split into our Sixes and went on a “penny hike” around our venue, pretending we were visiting a big city and talking about some city experiences that aren’t much fun. A penny hike was simply a 20-minute walk but each time we came to a junction, we tossed a coin and if it came up heads we went left and if it came up tails we went right! The girls enjoyed our penny hike very much and came up with lots of risks when visiting a large city such as getting lost, pickpockets, the dangers of the tube, traffic and even being kidnapped!

Back to the meeting place for a quick “what if” quiz to reinforce what we’d talked about.  We then continued our first skills builder: Ray of Light. We talked about the importance of keeping safe in the sun and the importance of Slip, Slap & Slop. We played an action game: Slip – slip on a t-shirt when we’re in the sun. Slap – slap on a sun hat. Slop – slopping on the sunscreen and for each action we pretended to put on a shirt, hat or sun cream.

Just time for our awards: a fabulous Girlguiding 5 Year Award for our very own Buttercup. Buttercup received a lovely certificate, metal badge for her badge tab plus a cloth badge for her camp blanket. Well done Buttercup who has actually done nearly 7 years volunteering with our Unit! We had some outstanding badges to give out too: Team Building to Gracie and Alyce; official Jubilee badge to Buttercup and Maddi; 2nd anniversary to Bobbin and 3rd anniversary to Gracie. We didn’t have a Weekly Best Brownie before half term but Daffodil had a think over the holidays and decided to give to retrospectively to Holly for attempting all the food activities. Well done Holly who received a lovely certificate, Brownie pencil and took home our penguin mascot for the week. This week’s Best Brownie was Gracie for her superb leadership skills during our penny hike. Gracie also received a certificate and pencil and got to take home our trophy and Brownie dolly mascot for the week.

That’s it for now .. see you all next week 😊

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