Monday 6 July – Sports Day!

This week was our annual Sports Day with Snowdrop, who once again, organised a fabulous evening of fun, laughter and games. We changed it up a bit by breaking up our 4 Sixes and making 5 new smaller teams. The oldest Brownies were selected as Team Leaders and asked to come up with a name for their team. We had Jasmine and the Super Sparkly Stars, Eliora and The Queen’s Special Brownies, Florence and the Practically Purfect Panthers, Olivia R and the Flying Cheetahs and lastly Kitty and the Delightful Dotty Daredevils.

Snowdrop with most of the leaders and our 2 Young Leader set up the obstacle course while Daffodil sorted the teams out and took the register. In our new teams and, the Brownies competed in several games including egg & spoon, sack race, water balance, football slalom, ball & racket race and an obstacle course. The Brownies did really well, giving it their all. We had lots of breaks to make sure no one got too hot and even a healthy fruit snack provided by Buttercup.

After the last game, it was time to go back into the hall for some awards. The overall scores were: Queen’s Brownies 40 points, Sparkly Stars 55 points, Dotty Daredevils 65 points, Purfect Panthers 75 points and romping it home the Flying cheetahs with 95 points. The winning team will receive next week (as Daffodil forgot to pack them!) a super sparkly Unicorn pencil and certificate with their team leader receiving a sports medal too.  Points will also be added to the Sixes table.  Weekly Best Brownie was Olivia R for being such a super team leader and excellent sportswoman and all-round team player. Well done Olivia.

A brill night – well done to all and a massive Brownie thank you to Snowdrop who organised it.

That’s it, next week is our last official meeting of the term; we have our trip out following week for those who signed up for it.  We have a promise ceremony, a spot of gardening, lots of games, a pow wow to plan next term plus our awards ceremony!

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