Monday 12 September – A Royal Reflection

Our first week back was a little quieter and subdued than usual due to the deeply sad and emotional passing of our Patron, HM The Queen. It was difficult at first for the Brownies who were so excited to be back after such a long break, wanting to chat, catch-up, play games and be very noisy as usual but after explaining why, they understood and our Unit paid its respects to our late Queen.

Traditionally at our meetings, after our singing Brownie Bells we always say our Promise and Law together; Daffodil explained to the Brownies that the words of our Promise will now change to “Love the King and our community” but for this week if they wanted to continue to say the “the Queen” for the last time then it was up to them. We then moved on to a Scouting activity called “A Royal reflection” and Kitty read out the beautiful reflection which was followed by a minute’s silence:

Your Majesty,
Thank you for all you’ve done for us,
For your kindness and for your service.
Thank you for giving so much time to help others
And inspiring us to do the same.
Thank you for your encouragement
To do our best and to do our duty.
Thank you for showing us the way
By being our shining light.
We’ll never forget you, and promise
To carry on your good work by
showing kindness in all we do 
and supporting our communities.
Thank you for being our Queen, our Patron
And a friend to Scouts everywhere.

We then took turns to share any personal thoughts, reflections or memories about HM the Queen. For the rest of our meeting, we completed the Mellow Moments UMA, which saw the girls giving each other relaxing hand massages while talking quietly together. The end of the meeting, saw us presenting lots of badges earned over the summer holidays and handing out lots of information for parents.

That’s it for now, rest in peace Your Majesty and God Save the King.

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