Monday 7 November – Christmas Crafts!

This week, crazy as it sounds, we did Christmas crafts!  As voted by the Brownies last year we are completing the Girlguiding New Milton District Christmas Challenge badge and will spend 5 weeks making a variety of decorations including wooden Christmas trees, bead ornaments, melting snowmen table decorations, sprout pom poms, santas plus a couple of fun food activities!

This week we started on the melted snowman table decorations which came complete with a colour changing LED tealight – very quick and easy to make.  The next craft was a little trickier, but one always enjoyed by the Brownies .. pom poms! Small, green, sparkly sprout pom poms to hang on our Christmas trees! The Brownies didn’t quite finish these so they’ve gone into their bags to be returned and completed next week.

Daisy took our Tweenies through the Becoming a Brownie handbook this week. We’ve now 5 Tweenies preparing to take their Brownie promise in December: Darcy, Darcie-Bay, Jessica, Mia C and Sophia. We had time for some games and our weekly awards ceremony which was extra special this week! 8th birthday badges for Alicia and Iris, 1st anniversary for Anya and 3rd anniversary for Grace.  Emily H (aka Harold) had completed her Aviation interest badge at home by making and experimenting with paper planes and rockets. This resulted in her receiving her Have Adventures theme badge as she had already completed the necessary Skills Builder badge and minimum 3 hours of UMAs during the Brownie meetings last term. If this wasn’t enough, amazingly, as she has now completed 2 themes, so she also received her Bronze award – only our 3rd Brownie to do so.  Super congratulations to Harold – by completing one easy interest badge at home, she actually went home with 3 badges and awards!

That’s it for now .. more Christmas decorations next week, see you then!

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