Monday 16 January – Emojis!

After our welcome games, pow wow and traditional start of our meeting, this week we started on the Communicate Skills builder badge. Our first activity was to complete was  the “Exploring Emojis” card. The aim was to explore when emojis are used, create our own emojis and understand the different meanings of emojis. Everyone one was given a card with either a picture of a commonly used Emoji or its meaning. Brownies had to match up their cards with another Brownie – pretty easy with just one set being mixed up, the “scared” and “worried “ emojis. Next a fun quiz all about Emojis – did you know there are over 3000 different emojis and over £10 billion are sent every day!!  Well done to the Squirrels who managed an impressive score of 10 out of 15, working well as a team to deliberate their answers.

A break with some parachute games and a chance for the leaders to organise Buttercup’s birthday surprise! Sunflower had baked a cake for Buttercup’s 50th and the leaders decorated the room with bunting and giant balloons. We sang happy Birthday and Buttercup blew out the candles. A lovely surprise for a wonderful and lovely leader xx

Back to our skills builder – each Six were given a set of 30 different Emojis to match up with their meanings. Who knew there were so many – not just smiley faces either, emojis could be food, animals, activities and even the weather! We finished off by drawing their 3 favourite emojis and designing 3 new ones. We had some amazing emojis creations – photos to follow.

Weekly Best Brownie as nominated by Snowdrop was Marlee for being super keen with all our activities and making sure as a Second that everyone in her Six took part. Well done Marlee who receive a lovely certificate and got to take home the trophy and penguin mascot for the week.

That’s it for now .. next week we’ll be celebrating Chinese New Year!

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