Monday 23 January – Happy Lunar New Year!

This week we celebrated the Lunar New Year with stories, crafts, fortunes and food!  As most of the Brownies had covered the story of the 12 animal zodiacs at school, Daffodil speed read the story for the Leaders who didn’t know it! A funny story and we all now know what there isn’t a Year of the Cat!

As it is the Year of the Rabbit, our first activity was to make a simple but delightful rabbit lantern. The Brownies only needed help with the fiddly hanging coin at the end but these were definitely a hit! A quick clear up then time for a lunar-themed bingo. We played in pairs and for a full house. Congratulations to Amy and Bobbin who were the first pair to get a full house. They received a lovely felt money purse (based on the traditional red envelopes).  These purses featured a Chinese symbol to represent “Health”, “Happiness” “Prosperity” or “Good Luck”.  These were actually left over from the last time we celebrate the Lunar New Year in 2019! Each purse had a fortune cookie.

Our last activity was to make a Rabbit bookmark – these were cut out ready for the girls but the had a choice of a variety of rabbits pictures and clip art to colour in and stick on the top to personalise it just for them. We also had Fortune Cookies to hand out and Daffodil, who had worked out everyone’s Chinese Zodiac, handed out a print-out of their Chinese Zodiac sign:

Darcie-Bay, Darcy & Jess are Rams. Ram people are elegant, wise, gentle, shy, and compassionate. They can be bossy, but that’s because they’re worried things will not get done correctly. This character trait often makes money for them.

Alicia, Emma, Emily H, Emily S, Grace & Skyla are Horses. Horse people are popular, cheerful, quick witted, and shy. For some reason, horse people have a great deal of trouble believing they are loved, when in fact, horse people are easy to like and love.

Anya, Amy, Bobbin, Holly, Isabel, Marlee, Mia & Olivia B are Snakes – Snake people are wise and focused. They trust their own judgment. Snake people cannot help but do their best because they hate to fail at anything. Snake people believe everyone should lend a helping hand.

Florence, Olivia R and Lily are Dragons – Dragon people are honest, full of energy, stubborn, loyal, strong, and protective. Dragon people are incredibly lucky. They love flattery and can be attracted to bad behaviour. That is their weakness.

Daffodil is a Rooster, Daisy a Monkey, Snowdrop & Buttercup an Ox, and lastly, Blue Cheese, Marigold & Sunflower are Rats.

This Week’s Best Brownie as nominated by Lily was Emma for simply getting her head down and producing some lovely work this evening plus helping to tidy up without prompting. Emma received a lovely certificate and money purse plus took home the trophy and penguin mascot for the week.

That’s it for now .. next week, Sunflower will be teaching us some sign language!

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