Monday 6 February – Top Trumps!

This week we started by warmly congratulating our lovely leader Daisy who was presented her 5-year Service award by Daffodil. A lovely surprise for Daisy who was unable to attend our County Awards ceremony in November so had forgotten all about it! Daisy received a lovely certificate, woven badge to add to her camp blanket plus a medal badge for her badge tab. Well done and super congratulations to Daisy.

We continued our work on the Skills Builder badge – Communicate Stage 3 with “Top Trumps”. We communicate in lots of ways, but what makes each one different? Is one type better than the rest? The aim of the activity was to create our own trump card game to find out by comparing different types of communication. In our Brownie ring, we started by suggesting types of communication such as whispering, talking, texting, drawing pictures, sign language. Daffodil then mentioned others that the Brownies may not have heard off such as braille, semaphore (using flags), lip reading, fire beacons, miming and so on. In their Sixes, the Brownies created 4 top trump cards each. They could pick any form of communication but had to include one of the more obscure ones from a list and each Six had a different list. They had lots of resources to help them including a diagram with 30 different ways to communicate, examples of morse code, braille, semaphore and Makaton and a sample card made by Daffodil. Once they picked their method of communication, they had to score out of 10 the different aspects: speed, privacy, fun and ease of use. The Brownies had a great time making their cards – such a variety too! Daffodil has kept the cards for now as we will use them as a time filler at our next few meetings.

Our next activity was the UMA – Tape to Create. The aim was to experiment with different materials and explore different ways to be creative. The girls all had an A5 piece of card and a role of masking tape. Using the masking tape, they created their initial on the card. Next, the fun bit .. colouring in the whole card with crayons and felt tip pens – we had some fabulous designs and much creatively. Once the card was fully coloured, the girls very carefully peeled off the masking tape leaving a brilliant picture of their initial in white with a fabulously colourful background.  The girls really enjoyed this activity and definitely one to do again!

This week’s Best Brownie as nominated by Snowdrop was Skyla. Great work and enthusiasm during both activities plus she is always so well behaved and just gets on with whatever needs doing. Well done Skyla, a first time win for her. Skyla chose the penguin mascot to take home for the half term break plus received a lovely certificate and Brownie pencil.

That’s it for now, no Brownies next week due to half term but then we’re back to celebrate Pancake Day! Thanks to all those who dropped off the deposits for the Museum trip, deadline for this is Monday 20 February.

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