Monday 20 March – Free Being Me Part Trois!

This week we finished the fabulous Free Being Me challenge badge.

We started with Airbrushing Spot the Difference. The aim of this activity was to show the Brownies that pictures in the media aren’t always true, as they have often been changed using airbrushing. Each Six had a set of photographs and had to compare the before and after airbrushing to spot as many differences as possible.

To further expand on this, we also played a racing matching pairs game – matching up picture of famous celebrities with their before and after pictures.

Our next activity was the Feeling Great Treasurer Hunt . The aim was for the Brownie challenge the idea that there’s only one way to be beautiful. In Sixes, they went on a treasure hunt around our venue to find the messages that represented someone feeling pressure about their appearance. The Brownies had to then come up with a positive reply which shows that there isn’t just one way to be beautiful, so worrying about trying to fit with a certain look isn’t worth it.  For example, in response to, “My friends won’t like me if I’m not pretty”, a group could say, “Don’t worry, we don’t agree! People like you because of who you are, not what you look like!”

Our last activity for this badge, was to complete the Free Being Me pledge card which the Brownie took home to complete. That’s it for this badge Daffodil will now work out who has attended all 3 sessions or 2 sessions (plus completed the Free being Me journal) and order the badges.

Blossom nominated Amy as this week’s Best Brownie. Amy was very vocal in all our activities and had lots of good points to make. Amy received a lovely pencil and certificate and took home the trophy and Brownie dolly mascot for the week.

That’s it for now. It’s a long awaited trip to the Museum at the weekend, Daffodil will send an email to all attendees. Can’t believe next week is our last meeting of the term too!

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