New term, new girls!

This week we held our termly Team Building night. The Brownies had a choice of 3 different themes and last term they chose to do our dexterity/hands free night (which coincidentally we did last April too!).  Firstly though, we welcomed 3 new members to our unit: Charis who has transferred from 4th Waddington Brownies, plus Elora and Harper who are joining Girlguiding for the first time. The girls all received their welcome pack of a 1st Waddington(RAF) Brownies sling bag, pencil plus their necker and woggles. We also had a shake-up of our Sixes; we have temporarily suspended the Squirrels and now have just 3 Sixes of 7 girls. Mia took over as Sixer of the Foxes with Amy moving from the Squirrels to become her Second.

Snowdrop took our 3 new Tweenies: Elora, Hannah and Harper to start their pre-promise programme. All those attending Seagull House in June got to pick their bed bunk and dinner time buddies, and the few left played our home made top trump cards (which are still proving very popular, 3 months after making them!!).

On to our main activity, in our Sixes, we played a variety of ‘dexterity’ games requiring lots of teamwork and thus ideal to help get to know each other a bit better:

Bouncing Balloons: passing a fully inflated balloon to each other using only their knees and other parts of their bodies.

Bean Bag Balance: Balancing as many bean bags as possible on their heads whilst racing each other.

Cotton Wool Race: Fetching cotton wool balls using clean plastic spoons sideways with their lips!

Chopstick Race: Moving raisins from one bowl to another using chopsticks.

Malteser Jump: Using a straw to blow a Malteser the furthest distance.

Paper Fish Race: Moving paper fish by “Wafting” with a piece of cardboard.

There was lots of fun and laughter as the Brownies attempted these games without using their hands.  We think the favourites were the ones with food! We finished up by awarding the ‘Free Being Me’ badges earned last term plus handed out a newsletter packed full of information about what we’re doing for the rest of the term. That’s it for now.

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