Monday 15 May – Craft Mania!

This week was a little strange as Daffodil was away on her holidays and it is very unusual for her to miss a meeting! Buttercup was in charge with Blossom, Lilly and Snowdrop in attendance and they had a fabulous chilled out meeting of crafts and games. Buttercup started the meeting by sharing the postcard Daffodil had sent to us from Boston!

The main craft activity for the night was promise sticks. Each Brownie had a large lollipop stick and decorated it as follows to represent our promise:

A googly eye for I
A picture of our 3 fingered salute for promise that I will
A picture of A+ for to do my best
A picture of an angel’s halo for to be true to myself
A heart for and develop my beliefs
A crown for to serve the King and my community,
A picture of a heart in a hand for to help other people
And finally a picture of our trefoil for and to keep the brownie guide law

We then had lots of left over craft supplies and sets to use up including foam penguins, plastic windmills, bug window sheets, scratch art left overs plus many more! After tidying up we had plenty of time to play lots of games. Soon though it was time to say goodnight and take home all our craft goodies.

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