Monday 22 May – Gardening time!

This week we started the Trefoil guild 80th anniversary challenge badge. The theme of which is from small acorns to big trees so we are focusing on lots of outside activities. To start we had a gardening session:  tidying and pruning the shop planters that we have looked after for the last few years plus the church surrounds.

Our Tweenies: Elora, Hannah and Harper had an extra long session with Snowdrop and made terrific progress through their pre-Promise programme. They made promise hearts and also completed the Brownie uniform activity. Well done girls.

The Rabbits with Buttercup, Marigold plus Mr and Mrs Cheese sorted out the shop planters. Lots of weeding and pruning  plus planting of lots of bedding flowers to brighten them up.

The Foxes with Daisy, Snowdrop and Lilly sorted out the front entrance of the church. Much brushing away of dead leaves and other foliage, weeding and pruning of the largest bushes. They then planted marigolds in the 2 small step planters, round the base of a couple of trees and the water sign!

The hedgehogs with Daffodil and Blossom probably had the dirtiest job! We tackled the side of the church – sweeping and clearing away lots of dead leaves and dried mud. Every time it rained; this mud was tracked into the church so it was good to finally clear it all away. Once they had done this, they also had the opportunity to plant some marigold in the front.

Once everyone was back in and had thoroughly washed their hands, we had an apple tasting session. As part of the Challenge badge, Daffodil selected ‘celebrate Oak apple day’ not realising that it actually has nothing to do with apples but is about oak trees!! Never mind, we enjoyed tasting a variety of fresh apples including sweet gala, golden delicious, Braeburn and on to the less sweet pink lady and granny smith. The Brownies then scored them on taste. Most of them were scored ‘delicious’ exempt we had a couple of ‘yuks’ for the Braeburn and golden delicious. Surprisingly, everyone enjoyed the granny smith which can be quite sour.

Our awards this week including 10th birthday for Olivia and 9th for Emma. It was actually Olivia’s birthday so we sang happy birthday and she got to choose one of the left-over apples to take home.  Darcie-Bay was nominated by Sunflower as this week’s Best Brownies for her excellent and hard work during our gardening session. Darcie-Bay received a lovely certificate and got to choose an apple too. She selected the Brownie dolly mascot to take home for the week. We also handed our the Girlguiding official King’s coronation badges.

That’s it for now, no Brownies next week due to half term.

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