Friday 23 June – Holiday time!!

As per previous years, our fantastic Australian themed “I’m a Brownie Get me out of here” holiday started just after lunchtime for Daffodil (aka Sheila) who drove the 42 miles to Trusthorpe. On arrival, she got herself organized and spent the next few hours decorating the main hall’s noticeboards, putting up room posters and various notices so the Brownies knew what was going on, which bunk was theirs and which table to sit at etc. Our other leaders (henceforth known as ‘Aussies’) came straight from work arriving between 5 and 8pm. Snowdrop (aka Crocodile Dundee) arrived just in time to help Daffodil with the Asda delivery. Buttercup (aka Dame Edna) arrived later than planned due to an accident on the roads around Louth and finally Daisy (aka Matilda (as in Waltzing Matilda)) arrived and took charge of the first aid supplies and records.

As we were not expecting the Brownies until Saturday morning, we cracked on making the packed lunches for tomorrow, discussed how we could change our programme with minimum impact on the Brownies due to another large group now sharing the site and even had a planning meeting for next term. It was very weird not having the Brownies with us on the Friday night and we missed them.

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