Monday 12 June – Make your snake!

This week, the Brownies chose to do Father’s Day crafts which was perfect as we had a few bits and pieces left over from previous years to use up so didn’t have to buy any new resources! The girls had the choice of colouring in a 3D Super Dad card with envelope or decorate a Father’s Day theme. They could also make a new card from a selection of brightly coloured card and envelopes with lots of Father’s Day themed foam stickers to add on. Again, this worked out very well as we had some Brownies who wanted to give something to their grandads, older brothers or uncles.

Snowdrop was away on holiday this week so Buttercup took Tweenies – not many weeks left now before Elora, Hannah and Harper will be taking their promise. They just need to think about where they would like to have their promise ceremony. They have the choice of the meeting place, during sports day or even our trip to a local nature park. Hannah will also have the option of taking it on the beach during our Brownie holiday weekend at the end of the month.

It was Darcy’s 8th birthday at the weekend and her granny very kindly brought in some home made fairy cakes for everyone to try. They were delicious and we enjoyed these during our break. Thank you Darcy.

After our break, onto our next activity which wasn’t originally planned but Daffodil added it to the programme over the weekend. Daffodil signed our unit up to the Girlguiding activity testing pool a while ago and we were offered a unique opportunity for our unit to have their say about the Girlguiding programme. We completed a special UMA called Make your snake.

The aim of the activity was for the girls to think about why they liked being a Brownie and how Brownies can be even better; also to help Girlguiding learn about their thoughts and ideas. Before the meeting started, Daffodil drew an enormous snake over 4 pages of A3 paper and split it into 6 different colours: red, blue, green, purple, orange and yellow. She had hidden 6 coloured items per Six around our meeting place. In their Sixes, the Brownies went round the venue with a leader to find their 6 items which were placed in a bag. They then took turns to dip into the bag and pull out an item. The colour of the item matched a question they had to answer. Such as:

Red – what was your favourite interest badge or skills builder badge – you did you like?
Yellow – think about activities you do at Brownies – what makes an activity boring or not fun?
Green – what activities do you wish you could do more of at Brownies?

The Brownies wrote their answers on matching coloured post-its notes and finally these were added to the giant paper snake. The result was lots of feedback from the girls and the snake was full of post-its!

Just time for some games before our weekly awards: 8th birthday to Darcy – happy belated birthday Darcy 😊 Weekly Brownie was Harper who was nominated by another Brownie for being super kind. Well done Harper who went home with a fabulous certificate and chose a jubilee pencil.

That’s it for now – all those attending Seagull House at the end of the month went home with their health forms – these must be returned next week!

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