Monday 26 June – Teddy Bears’ Picnic

This week was a chilled one as most of us were still recovering from our fantastic Brownie weekend, so as voted by the Brownies last week we had a teddy bears’ picnic. The girls were asked to bring their favourite soft toy and a board game. We also had a non-uniform night.  It was surprisingly a full house and the girls had a great time telling us about their favourite soft toy, playing lots of different board games and generally just having a relaxed evening. We had treats left over from the weekend too.

Although it was a teddy bears’ picnic, only 3 teddy bears attended! Everyone else had a wide variety of soft and plush toys including rabbits, dogs, cats, a phone, hello kitty and more!  Even Daffodil brought her soft toy lamb which was a gift from a departing Brownie many years ago.

At 7pm, we put away our board games, got out the parachute and spent the last part of the meeting playing games. Awards –  a 1st anniversary badge for Darcy.

That’s it! Back to normal next week with full Brownie uniform etc.

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