Monday 5 June – Make something with wood ..

Last week the Brownies voted to ‘make something with wood’ and try some acorn-themed crafts’ as part of Trefoil Guild 80th anniversary challenge badge. So that’s what we did! First though we had a pow wow to catch up after the half term break and share stories of any adventures we had been on. Lots of beach trips, horse riding and visiting of relatives all over the country – sounds like they all had a brilliant holiday!

Snowdrop and Buttercup took our 3 Tweenies: Elora, Hannah and Harper and they made good turn boxes which they took home and will fill with slips of paper recording all the good turns they will do this week.

Our first craft was to decorate a wooden leaf – we had 2 sizes available and the girls were asked to simply decorate them with felts or crayons. A thread was then attached by Lilly so they could be hung up. We had some beautiful creations – some Brownies went down the route of making it look like a real leaf, others went wild with their imaginations and just created a fabulously colourful leaf.

Next we made an oak leaf and acorn bookmark. The girls had to colour in 2 leaves and 2 acorns which were then cut out. String was placed between before gluing them together and ta-da we had a lovely bookmark. Again, some fabulous designs using felts or crayons.

A tidy up then Marigold and Blue Cheese adapted some of our usual games to give a nature theme so instead of duck, duck, goose we had oak, oak, sycamore!

Back for our weekly awards: 3rd anniversary to Bobbin, 1st anniversary to Darcie-Bay. Best Brownie was Bobbin, excellent team leadership skills of the rabbits six for the evening. Bobbin received a lovely certificate and picked a Brownie pencil. She also took home the weekly best Brownie trophy for the week and chose to take home our penguin mascot. Hannah was given our Brownie dolly mascot to take home for the week for excellent work too.

That’s it for now. Next week, we’ll be doing whatever the Brownie voted for this week. Their choices were: Father’s Day, learn the promise in BSL or write postcards for a local nursing home.

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