Monday 10 July – Cake-fest!!

This week was a little exciting and included lots of cake! We welcomed back all those who missed last week and heard how much they enjoyed attending the Guides taster evening. In our Sixes, we then went on a penny hike to explore our local area (as part of the Trefoil 80th anniversary badge). The Brownies had a great time, they love getting out and about so we’re planning more of these in the new term – perhaps an outdoor scavenger hunt before it gets too dark!

Whilst the Brownies were on the penny hike with most of the volunteers, Daffodil, Daisy and Sunflower prepared the hall for our Gold award presentation. We are immensely proud to present our first ever gold award so a celebration was a must! Gold balloons, gold tablecloth, a fantastic gold cake made by our very own Lilly plus cupcakes, a certificate, badge and gift.

Once the girls returned, we went through to the main hall to run through the promise ceremony, so the girls knew where to stand, when and what to sing etc. Our 3 Tweenies Elora, Hannah and Harper were also able to practice their promise and law and go through what was expected of them.

Back to the other room and it was time for our gold award presentation. Isabel has been with us for nearly 3 years having joined us during lock down in 2020. During her time, she has only ever missed one meeting but completed adapted activities at home, so she didn’t miss out on the skills builder badge. Isabel completed 6 interest badges at home: aviation, baking, grow your own, local history, jobs and zero waste. She has also earned the archaeology and painting badges whilst on Brownie holidays. As well as completing all 6 themes, Isabel had another 3 challenges to do. Take her promise, visit a Guide unit and either run a Brownie meeting or create a resource for the unit. Isabel chose to make a recipe book to inspire other Brownies to complete their baking badges at home.  So, it was an absolute delight for Daffodil to present Isabel with her gold award – a lovely certificate and metal badge. She also received a gold-themed gift (a Brownie mug), a card signed by everyone in the Unit, balloons and of course cake! Lilly had made a large cake which was sliced up and shared by everyone, but Isabel also had 6 gold cupcakes to take home and share with her family. Well done Isabel – an awesome achievement and we are very proud of you.

We also had goodies brought in by Marlee and Mia as they are leaving to move up to Guides. Mia brought so much cake in that she actually went back home with half of it, but everyone had either a mini donut or muffin – thank you Mia. Marlee brought in individually wrapped Brownies and these were handed out as the girls left – thank you Marlee. Anya also brought in a slice of her birthday cake from the weekend for Daffodil – thank you Anya.

On to our Promise ceremony. The girls choose to have their Promise ceremony this week at the unit. We run a traditional promise ceremony complete with toadstool and woodland animals which everyone enjoys. Elora, Hannah and Harper watched on by their parents did a great job of remembering their Promise and Brownie law – well done! Promise badges pinned on by Daffodil and Buttercup and goodies handed out. The girls received a certificate, adventure book, their metal promise badge plus lots other woven badges. Well done, congratulations and welcome to our newest Brownies .

That’s it for now – its our last meeting of the term next week. A sports night at our usual venue – not Hartsholme Park as previously planned. We’ll also be presenting all earned badges and our best Brownie of the term award.

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