Monday 3 July – Postcards to go …

This week we continued working on the Trefoil 80th anniversary badge by making postcards to send to a local nursing home. There weren’t many of us as most of our older Brownies were attending the Guides taster evening plus a couple of others were poorly but that didn’t put a damper on our meeting.

Our 3 Tweenies, Elora, Hannah and Harper finished their pre-Promise programme with Snowdrop including practicing the Promise ceremony ready for next week before joining us for our main activity.

The Brownies had a choice of coloured card for their post card and could decorate it any way they liked with felts, crayons, foam stickers, shiny stickers plus we had a stack of stencils with lots of different shapes and patterns so their imaginations were left to run wild. The only stipulation was a picture on the front and a sentence or two on the back introducing themselves as a Brownie and a little message for the recipient. Most Brownies enjoyed making their post card so much that they made 2! We now have a lovely stack of postcards which Daffodil will forward on.

After the postcards, the girls were asked to draw their family tree (with a simple template being provided for ease) and name a country for each of the letters of EIGHTY. So that’s the challenge badge almost finished. Over the next 2 weeks we’ll be finishing it with the outdoor activities including exploring our local area to find out something we didn’t know about it, visit a nature garden or local park and try an outdoor activity we haven’t tried before.

A quick tidy up then our weekly awards: 10th birthday to Anya – happy birthday Anya! Weekly best Brownie was Elora who was nominated by Daffodil for tidying up the stencils without being asked or prompted. Well done Elora – a first time win for our youngest Brownie. Elora received a lovely certificate, the trophy to take home for the week and choose our penguin mascot to also take home for the week.

That’s it for now. Next week is our Promise ceremony plus some other exciting things!!

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