Monday 11 September – Welcome back Brownies!

And we’re back! After what seemed a very, very long summer break, we finally returned to Brownies this week. We had 4 new girls join us: Izzy C and Izzy D joining Girlguiding for the first time along with Vika from Ukraine. Emily’s little sister Jessica joined us too.

After a lovely pow-wow with introductions, sorting out our re-jiggled sixes and congratulating our new sixers and seconds (Emily H is the new second of the Foxes and Charis is the new second of the Rabbits) we took played our silly questions game. Brownies took turns to draw a card – each card had a name of one of our Brownies on. That Brownie then threw our giant foam dice and depending on the number, was asked a question by Daffodil to share with the group. Questions ranged from what superpower do you wish you had to what is your favourite class at school and so on.

We then broke up into our sixes for our first getting to know you game. Each six had a tub of sweets and the girls took turns to close their eyes and grab a sweet from the tub. Depending on the colour of the sweetie wrapper, the Brownie:

Red (cherry) – tell us something you watch or listen to
Orange – tell us something you do well or are proud off
Bright pink (raspberry) – tell us something that happened yesterday
Pink (strawberry) – tell us something you do well or are proud off
Yellow (lemon) – tell us somewhere you went during the holidays

Once all the sweets were devoured and wrappers put in the bin, we moved onto Brownie bingo! All Brownies had a bingo card with 16 squares and had to move around the room to find 16 other Brownies to match the description on the square – for example: has an older brother, has a dog, has brown hair etc. Our newest girls had lots of help from our Young Leaders and their Brownie buddies. Charis is Izzy C and Vika’s Brownie buddy and Holly is Izzy D and Jessica’s Brownie buddy.

Next, our weekly awards ceremony. Lots of badges to award this week! A massive well done to Alicia, Darcy, Emma, Hannah and  Jess who completed the Brownies go explore challenge badge over the summer holidays. This badge was huge – the biggest one we’ve ever seen!! Weekly best Brownie was Emily H – fantastic job as a new second who actually acted as sixer this week as Anya was away.  Emily received a lovely certificate and choose to take home our penguin mascot for the week. Our Brownie dolly mascot was awarded to Izzy D for being so brave and taking part in everything during her first Brownie meeting.  Well done girls.

Birthday badges for those who celebrated over the summer holidays plus anniversary badges for Charis, Emma and Emily plus our very own Snowdrop who received her 5th anniversary badge too. Oh, and we sang happy birthday to Marigold as its her birthday next week and presented her with a birthday card signed by everyone.

We finished off with lots of games, teaching our newest members our favourites – wink, murder, splat etc. Sadly, soon it was time to go so bundles of information handed out directly to parents before saying goodbye. That’s it – see you next week.

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