Monday 18 September – Strike a pose!

This week we continued our theme of getting to know you games and started again with a massive foam dice, a sheet load of questions and took turns to answer and share something about ourselves with the rest of the unit. Though one question did make us all giggle “is your dad strong?” – not sure where that question came from!! We changed it to what’s your dad’s first name 😊

Then it was outside for our outdoor scavenger hunt. Each six had a slightly different list of things to find based on their sixes’ name. So, Foxes had to find something beginning with F, O, X, E, S and the same for the hedgehogs and rabbits. They also had to find things like something hard, something soft, something very low down, something up high etc. etc. After 20 minutes, most items where found and everyone returned to the meeting hall.

We tried a new UMA from the know myself theme – Daisy’s disappearing friends.  The aim being to get to know everyone in the unit and learn their names. Daffodil was the ‘magician’, 2 Brownies were selected to be the ‘audience’, the rest where the ‘magician’s apprentices’. The apprentices found a space and struck a pose. The audience had 30 seconds to memorise where everyone was. After 30 seconds, they had to close their eyes and face the wall. The magician then selected one Brownie to leave the room. The audience had another 30 seconds to work out who had mysteriously disappeared and what her name was. We played this until most Brownies had the opportunity to be the audience, making it harder as we went along with 2 or even 3 apprentices disappearing. The Brownies loved this game and certainly is one to play again.

Weekly awards: the Brownies were asked to nominate this week’s best Brownie. Charis, Izzy D and Jessica were nominated. The leaders choose Jessica for doing so well and fully taking part in everything with a lovely smile on her face. Jessica received a lovely certificate and chose to take the Brownie dolly mascot home for the week alongside the trophy.  Izzy D was given our penguin mascot to take home for the week.

Time for some games in the main hall then sadly it was time to go home.  That’s it for now.

Next week is our Macmillan coffee ‘morning’. Parents and guests are invited to join us at 7pm for a cuppa and slice of cake. We have a parents’ raffle, Colin the Caterpillar cake competition plus a guess how many sweets in the jar competition for the Brownies. See you there!

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