Monday 13 November – Fire safety week

This week we continued working on the fire safety challenge badge. We first started this badge a few weeks ago with our fantastic trip to the RAF Waddington fire section. We had 3 main activities this week and took turns in our sixes to complete each one. Firstly though we had a pow wow to talk about fire safety and discuss what we need to do in the event of a fire. We were pleasantly surprised how much the girls knew already.

We completed the have adventures UMA – strike a light. The aim was to learn how to strike a match safely – a skill that could save your life in a survival situation. Safety first, we turned around our neckers so they were not dangling, rolled up our sleeves, made sure our hair was out of the way and had a bowl of water and first aid kit ready. With 2 adults, each member of the Six took turns to light a match and then use the lit match to light a tealight. The girls were brilliant, all listening carefully to the instructions, no messing around and in some cases, persevering and taking several attempts as it was a little tricky for some. Once they’d all had a go, we moved on to our next activity … toasting marshmallows over the tea-lights!!

We learnt about the importance of having a fire escape plan at home and what actions we could do to help get away quickly and safely. Daffodil showed everyone the escape plan she had drawn for our building and then the Brownies drew one for their home.

Our last activity was to play the fire safety game. Buttercup shouted out the actions for the Brownies to follow with all actions reinforcing what we’d already learnt about fire safety. Such as: Smoke – Brownies crawl about the floor on tummy or knees (because the cleanest art is at floor level in a smoke-filled room) or Fire – Brownies walk quickly to the nearest fire exit (because we must never run but move quickly to fire exit of our meeting venue and so on …

This week’s awards – weekly best Brownie was Elora for doing so well at all this week’s activities and really trying hard to get over her fear of fire and successfully lighting a match.  Well done Elora who went home with a lovely certificate and took home our Brownie mascot and trophy for the week.  Next week, we’ll be finishing this challenge badge with a few fun activities to reinforce again what we’ve learnt so far.


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