Monday 21 November – stop, drop and roll!

This week we finished the fabulous fire safety challenge badge by starting with a pow-wow to talk about everything we learnt last week. We chatted about what we should do in an emergency and the importance of making sure we look after ourselves first (before any favourite toys or even pets!),  how we’d get out of our house using the fire escape plans we made and what to do if our clothing caught fire. Lots of what if questions from the Brownies, it was impossible to answer them all but we reassured the girls that the chances of anything so serious happening is a billion to one and this badge was just about making us aware of how we could be safer in a worst-case scenario.

We welcomed back Snowdrop who has been away for a few weeks on her puppy training course. Snowdrop jumped straight back in with the Tweenies to check on their progress and make sure they are almost ready to take their promise in a couple of weeks. This week, the Tweenies made the Brownie paper dolly, deciding what Brownie uniform she would wear.

In our sixes, we went on a fire safety scavenger hunt around our venue – looking for smoke alarms and fire alarms, fire extinguishers, emergency signs etc. We moved on to playing the fire safety ‘what ifs’ game, taking turns in our sixes to draw a scenario card and discussing what we would do. For example: what would you do if you saw smoke coming from the kitchen? What would you do if the fire alarm went off while you were playing at break time and so on.

Our last challenge badge activities were the the fire drill game and the UMA fire! fire! The aim of the activity was to practise what to do in the event of a real fire but this fire drill had a twist though – a fire safety obstacle course!  Marigold set up our obstacle course which included practicing our ‘stop, drop and roll’ action to put out clothes on fire.

We finished off with some games including our favourite cat and mouse.

This week’s awards: 9th birthday badge for Skye plus all those who attended the 3 sessions we worked on the fire safety challenge badge received it straight away.  This week’s best Brownie was Izzy D – nominated by  Snowdrop for excellent work during Tweenies. Izzy received a lovely certificate and took home the penguin mascot and trophy for the week. Izzy D also did really well so took home our Brownie doll mascot for the week.

That’s it! Next week .. Christmas decorations with Daisy and Snowdrop.

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