Monday 27 November – Christmas Gnomes!

This week’s activity was organised and run by Snowdrop. Firstly though, Daffodil introduced the Brownies to our new time-filler games box. The box is put out at the start of the meeting and has lots of different games for the Brownies to get on with while everyone is arriving. The box includes playing cards, story cubes, our home-made emoji top trumps plus the moving up the Guides game and more.

The plan was to make Snowdrop’s favourite Christmas craft – woolly hats which we’ve made before in 2021. But, then Daisy suggested we add the hats to a pom pom ‘face’ to make a Christmas gnome!  Snowdrop had prepared all the cut wool and cardboard templates ready and showed the Brownies what to do.  Once they’d got the hand of them, they were away, nattering all the while too!  Once all the wool was added, it was time to turn them inside out, stuff with cotton wool and tie off. Ta-da – one woolly hat!

Whilst all this activity was going on, Daisy and several other leaders divided up the white wool ready for the girls to make pom poms on forks to create the face of the gnome.  Googly eyes and pink buttons for noses where added, plus a few ribbons leaving us with a variety of very cute Christmas gnomes.

No Tweenies this week as the girls are almost ready to take their Brownie promise next week. We didn’t even have time for any games this week as our craft took the whole evening! A good tidy-up, weekly awards then it was time to go. This week’s awards – monthly smartest uniform award went to Vika who received a lovely certificate. No best Brownie this week either!!

That’s it for now – next week Promise activities and ceremony. Thank you again to Snowdrop and Daisy for organising and running this week’s activity 🙂

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