Monday 11 December – Aloha!!

Finally, after weeks of waiting it was time for our Hawaii-themed end of term party. The evening started early for the leaders as we decorated the hall, set up the games and silent disco equipment and got ready for our first guests to arrive.  Brownies arrived through our grand Hawaii-themed entrance and we greeted by Daffodil with a flower lei and a warm ‘Aloha!’. A lei is a common symbol of love, friendship, celebration, honour, or greeting.

While waiting for everyone to arrive, Marigold took photos at our photo booth complete with lots of silly props. Once we’d finally worked out how to get them to work, headsets handed out and it was time for our silent disco to start. It was very funny to watch everyone dancing but not hearing the music unless you were wearing a headset too. We had limbo dancing, 2 rounds of Christmas bingo, pass the parcel and a pin the flower on the girl game plus a best costume competition which was won by Jess. We had a break for a much-needed drink and a couple of snacks to keep us going. As this was our last meeting, we also had our end of term awards:

Best six. The final scores of the best six league table were worked out: 3rd place –Foxes with 565 points; 2nd place – Rabbits with 607 points and with a huge led, 1st place to Hedgehogs with 678 points. Well done Hedgehogs for a brilliant win. All received a lovely certificate, team work badge and chocolate Santa.

Best Brownie of the term.  Nominated by the leaders, this was Darcie-Bay for being a marvellous, polite, hard-working and all-round brilliant Brownie! Darcie-Bay is always smiling and takes part with loads of enthusiasm, giving 100% effort to everything she does. She is also an excellent member of the Foxes six, making sure she brings everything needed to a meeting. Well done Darcie-Bay who received a lovely certificate, well done badge to sew on her Brownie uniform, a Brownie notepad and pencil set, a Brownie bear metal badge plus a delicious Santa marshmallow lolly!

We said goodbye to Isabel who is moving up to Guides in January. We also presented Brownie buddy certificates to Charis and Holly and a hostess challenge badge to Bobbin. Well done to all.

We also said a very sad but fond farewell to our lovely Buttercup who is taking a well-earned break from Girlguiding. Buttercup has been an integral part of our unit for the last 8 years; she will be staying on as a recognised volunteer to help us out with any ‘emergencies’ but will no longer be attending weekly. We presented Buttercup with a lovely card signed by everyone, a new camp blanket which Daffodil had secretly sown all her badge on to and a lovely print and frame which she got everyone to sign the back of.  Daisy also presented her with a bunch of flowers. Thank you Buttercup, we will miss you.

Lastly, a massive thank you to all our volunteer: Blossom, Blue Cheese, Buttercup, Daisy, Lily, Marigold, Poppy, Snowdrop and Sunflower on behalf of our Brownie unit for working so hard to make this year fun and provide the Brownies with lots of new and exciting activities. Daffodil presented everyone with a thank you gift and Christmas card.

Daisy also presented Daffodil with a bunch of flowers to thank her on behalf of the Brownies for everything she does too.

That’s it for now. We’re back next year. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all x

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