Monday 4 December – I promise …

Two promise ceremonies, hostess duties, a UMA plus games! Phew – this week was a little chaotic but we got everything done as planned. Much to their surprise, the Brownies arrived to be told to go into the other half of our hall this week. There they found their six registers, placed their water bottles and got to pick a game from our new time fillers game box.  Why? Because Daffodil had set up our usual meeting room ready for a busy night of promise ceremonies, and getting the kitchen area ready to make brews for our guests.

A quick run through of the register and we were ready for our first promise ceremony of the evening. Our 3 lovely Young Leaders, Emily, Isobel and Paige, had chosen to take their promise. This was going to be a simple ceremony with Daffodil just pinning on their promise badge and them saying their promise.  But, no, Buttercup had the wicked idea of actually running through our traditional promise ceremony as we had the toadstool and everything set out ready for the Brownies promise later on!  So, with much fun and giggles, our Young Leaders were spun around the toadstool, looked the mirror and declared themselves Young Leaders!  Well done to Blue Cheese, Marigold and Paige who received a lovely new rebranded certificate, promise badge and a Lincolnshire south silk.

We finished off our games and came up with suggestions for Paige’s honorary Brownie name. These included Pansy, Poppy, Iris, Bluebell and Rose. Paige choose Poppy – welcome Poppy!

Our main activity was the Brownie beads UMA. Its aim was to discover what are the best things the girls have done with their Brownie friends and create a bracelet together to help them remember.  Each six had thread, a dice and 42 beads (6 beads of 6 different colours). They had a mini pow-wow to talk about 6 things they’ve enjoyed or want to do at Brownies. Each activity was allocated a number and a colour. The girls then took turns to roll the dice and selected the matching bead until they had all 6 colours. The girls enjoyed making the bracelets and finding out what each other’s favour Brownie activities were and what everyone would like to do.

A tidy up, then run through of the Brownie promise ceremony with our Tweenies practicing their promise and law and the rest of us practicing the lovely songs for the ceremony.

At 7.10pm, it was time for our traditional Promise ceremony complete with toadstool and woodland animals for Izzy, Jessica and Vika – the girls did an excellent job, remembering their Promise and the Brownie Law.  A special well done to Vika who choose to say her promise in English (not her native Ukrainian). Congratulations and welcome to our 3 newest Brownies who all received a metal promise badge, lovely certificate plus lots more other badges too!  Well done also to our Brownie buddies Charis and Holly; both will receive their Brownie buddy certificate and badge next week.

Anya and Bobbin were hostess for the guests, welcoming them, making hot drinks and offering biscuits.  Bobbin also made 2 beautiful flower arrangements and Anya brought in a lovely flowering plant for her table decoration. Buttercup praised Bobbin for her hostess duty efforts – she taught Anya how to make a cup of tea for Daffodil. Daffodil has decided to retrospectively award this week’s best Brownie to Bobbin. Certificate to be given out next week. Well done Bobbin! Both girls will also receive their I’ve been a Brownie hostess badges next week.

That’s it for now. Panto on Saturday for those who have signed up; Daffodil has sent an email with specific location and times. Next week is our end of term Hawaii-themed silent disco – can’t wait!!


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