Happy New Year – 2024!

Happy New Year and welcome back everyone!  We had a smashing first meeting back which included a taster/bring a friend night session so had 7 girls join us to see what we’re all about!

We welcomed everyone and had a quick pow-wow to talk about what we all had for our Christmas dinner and to tell our visitors our favourite things about Brownies. We also had 2 new sixers and seconds: Emily and Emma for the foxes and Holly and Grace for the Hedgehogs. Each girl received a certificate, metal badge and little guide on their new responsibilities.

This week we played one of our favourite team building games – Bandaged Up.  The Brownies had to work in their sixes to get as many points as possible to win the competition:

Game 1 – who’s the patient? Girls had to stand in a big circle and throw a small soft ball.  Anyone who dropped it or didn’t throw it properly became a patient and sat down.  The last Brownie standing was the winner who received 10 points for the score board.

Game 2 – what word? A simple quiz where the first letter of all the answers made up the word BANDAGES. One point per correct answer with a bonus of 5 points if they worked out the anagram.

Game 3 – the right department.  Girls had to follow a set of simple instructions: “On a Trolley” – stand still with arms up (rather than laying down); “Visiting Time” – walk around; “Physiotherapy” – jump up and down; “X-Ray” – stand still. The last Brownie standing was the winner who received 10 points for the score board.

Game 4 – wordsearch. A hospital themed wordsearch; 2 per six with the number of found words added to the score board.

Game 5 – bandaged up.  Each member of the Six took turns to be the patient and a nurse.  Teams had 2 minutes to wrap various parts of the body in bandages with efforts scored out of 5.

Final scores: Foxes 49; Hedgehogs 39.5 and Rabbits 56. Well done to the Rabbits for their excellent team work throughout the night. Scores added to this term’s best six league table.

Awards for the week: 2nd anniversary badge for Alicia plus UK Parliament week and panto badges for those who earned them. We also had a special well-done award for Hannah. Hannah represented our unit at the RAF Waddington Christingle service on Christmas Eve, reading out a poem to a packed congregation of over 70 people! Hannah received a lovely well-done certificate and woven badge. We didn’t have a weekly best Brownie on the night but Daffodil has decided to retrospectively award it to Charis who did a fabulous job of making our guests welcome.  Well done Charis! We also gave out this term’s newsletter and all our guests received a lovely welcome pack including a 1st Waddington (RAF) Brownies pencil and badge. That’s it for now; next week we start on the know myself skills builder: network (as chosen by the Brownies last term).


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