Monday 15 January – The Plan?!

This week we started the know myself skills builder – network. Firstly though, we welcomed 5 new girls who enjoyed our taster session so much last week that they have decided to join Brownies!! Welcome to Lyra, Olivia, Sadie and Tatiana. We also welcomed Pam, a new potential volunteer who joined us this week to see what we’re all about.

While our 4 new Tweenies went with Daisy, Lily and Blue Cheese to make a start on their pre-promise programme and learn all about our unit and Brownies, the rest of us made a start on our activities.

First up was ‘The plan?!’. The aim of this activity was to learn what a life goal was and to set our own goals. We had a pow wow to talk about what goals or what we would like to be when we grow up where. Daffodil had arranged a circle of 9 chairs, each chair had a life goal on it. For example, finish school, get a pet, learn to drive etc. The Brownies were given 9 post-its each and asked to number them 1 to 9 and add their name.  They then placed their numbered post-it notes on each goal whilst deciding exactly what goal was their priority and which ones weren’t so much. For example, some Brownies decided their main priority (no 1) was to learn to drive, others thought it was get their Brownie gold award. We then had a pow wow to see what priority everyone’s goals were and if any other Brownie had the same results.

Our next activity was friend detective. The aim of this was to understand what we want in a friend and what makes a good friend. Daffodil explained what a personality was and how it is made up of different qualities or traits. We then took turns to suggest positive and negative personality traits which Daffodil wrote down on a post-it. The girls left the room for 2 minutes while the leaders hid the post-it notes around the hall. The girls returned and in pairs hunted around the space to collect the post-it notes. They then had to pick a chair from a choice of 3 which were labelled yes, no and sometimes to decide if the trait on the post-it note was something they’d want in a friend. We then had a discussion on the results, even moving some post-its around.

The Tweenies re-joined the group and together we all completed our last activity, the UMA reflect on your reflection for which we enjoyed drawing our self-portraits.

All too soon, it was time to go.  Weekly best Brownie was Jess, as nominated by Sunflower, for doing so well to look after Lyra who joined her Six.  Well done Jess who received a lovely certificate and chose to take home the Brownie dolly mascot with the trophy for the week. Charis, as last week’s best Brownie, took home our penguin mascot.

That’s it for now; next week we continue with the skills builder badge with a little bit of model making!

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