Monday 22 January – Listen, look, move!

This week we continued working through the skills builder network cards. A pow wow to start to catch up on what we’ve been up to the last week plus a couple of rounds of our getting to know you question and answer game.  Our 4 Tweenies: Lyra, Olivia, Sadie and Tatina went off with Snowdrop and Poppy to continue their pre-promise programme and prep.

Our main activity was the listen, look, move card; the aim of which was to try out different ways of learning and find out how we like to learn new things. Daffodil had prepped 3 different learning stations and we took turns, in our sixes, to complete each station.

Station 1 – listen. Daffodil had made a Lego model. The Brownies had to listen to her instructions (without seeing the model) to see if they could replicate it. This was learning by listening.

Station 2 – look.  Daisy ran this station. We had a list of numbers which got longer as you go down. Starting with the shortest, the Brownies had to look (read it), cover it and see what they could remember. When it was remembered, they moved down the list to the bigger numbers. This was learning by looking.

Station 3 – move. Marigold ran this station and the Brownies investigated how paper planes are made and had a go at making their own. This was learning by doing.

Once everyone had completed each station, we had a competition to see how’s paper plane could fly the furthest before talking about which activity we found the easiest and which method of learning we preferred.

The Tweenies returned for our next activity. We completed the sound of my unit UMA. The aim was to practise adding lyrics to a song and sing a song about things we love at Brownies.  The song was sung to the tun of ‘if you’re happy and you know it’ and things we added included games, activities, trip away and marshmallows!

We finished by playing and teaching our Tweenies our 2 favourite games, wink murder and splat. Weekly awards – Snowdrop nominated Tatiana as this week’s best Brownie for her excellent enthusiasm and efforts during the Tweenie session. Tatiana received a lovely well done certificate and took home the trophy and Brownie mascot for the week. The penguin mascot was given to Lyra to take home for the week for her efforts too.

That’s it for now. This week is the last chance to sign up for our District Thinking Day trip taking place in March. See you all next week!

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