Monday 29 January – All for one and one for all!

This week we tackled the tricky ‘all for one, one for all’ skills builder. Firstly thought we had a pow wow using some fabulous have a natter cards to find out fun facts from everyone including ‘if you could be any flavour of ice-cream what would it be and why?’. We also heard (from the leaders too) how many pairs of shoes everyone has and where everybody dreams of living. We also had suggestions for an honorary Brownie name for our newest volunteer, Pam who ended up with a list of 6 flower names to think about before deciding on Bluebell. Welcome Bluebell!

Our tweenies went off with Snowdrop and Poppy as usual to continue their pre-promise activities. This week we gave them the UMA Trefoil trivia to complete. A fun colouring activity while learning everything about the World Trefoil.

Daffodil had set the hall up with 4 challenges designed to get the Brownies to work in different sized teams and understand how the size of a team can affect results.  A Brownie was selected at random to pick slip of paper with the challenge number on; then another leader picked a slip of paper with the team size on. The Brownie then choose their team and off they went to complete their challenge. The trickiest challenge was No 3 – transport a ball across the room. The person holding the ball can’t move. This stumped the girls (and the leaders) and we never did work out a way to do it other than carrying (piggy back or chair lift) the smallest Brownie holding the ball by the rest of her team! The other challenges included completing a jig-saw puzzle, cutting out a star and putting on a hoodie. We worked out for that some challenges, a bigger team is definitely better!!

Once the Tweenies had re-joined the group, we moved onto the UMA Brownie pocket challenges. The aim of this activity as to explore all the useful things Brownies used to carry in their pocket so they were always equipped to help others. These included a white handkerchief, loose change, plastics, a piece of string and so on. Indeed, Snowdrop and Bluebell remembered having a brown wallet/pouch at Brownie containing such items. In their Sixes the Brownies had 3 scenarios and had to come up with a solution just using the items given. For example – someone has dropped their car keys down a drain or your school bag breaks on the way to school. We had some great solutions, the only tricky one being the need to make a phone call as Brownies have never experienced using a coin operated phone box!!

Time for some games before our awards ceremony: 1st anniversary badge to Hannah. This week’s best Brownie as nominated by Lilly was Izzy for her amazing ideas and enthusiasm during tonight’s activities. This month’s smartest uniform award went to Elora. Both girls received a fabulous certificate and took home one of the unit’s mascots for the week.

That’s it for now .. next week we finish this skills builder with some game challenges and bubble making!!

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