Monday 19 February – Race time!

This week we started the fantastic science and engineering careers challenge badge which has been created by Girlguiding Oxfordshire with the Science and Technology Facilities Council. The challenge is designed to introduce different science and engineering careers and split into 6 sections (career paths). We started with software and mechanical engineers which was run by Rich and Glen who are STEM ambassadors working at RAF Waddington.

After finding out what STEM is all about: science, technology, engineering and mathematics aimed at empowering young people with the skills and knowledge to thrive through effective teaching and learning in these areas; especially girls who are outnumbered 2:1 in these fields we got started.

In teams of 2 or 3, the Brownies had to build a Lego mechanical car with 4 wheels that would move when the battery was switched on and could also be controlled with an iPad. The Spike Prime kits included everything needed such as bricks, motors, sensors and a hub. (plus a driver!) The girls were given 40 minutes to build their car which proved quite tricky to work out how to connect the wheels to the motors and the motors to the hub. But with lots of help from the leaders, Glen and Rich, all teams managed to have a working car. It was then time for some races to see which car could go the fastest – 2 rounds then a final race. Well done to team 7 – Snowdrop, Tatiana, Sadie and Jessica for the fastest car (called Herbie)! Glen and Rich then awarded Brownie points for the best designed car which was Oreo designed by Emily and Hannah. Well done girls – all will receive 25 points for their Six.  Alicia and Darcy also received 25 points for disassembling their car and putting away all their Lego first. What a fantastic activity and many thanks for Rich and Glen for giving up their evening to provide this opportunity for our Brownies.

For our next activity, everyone had the opportunity to vote on their favourite design ideas for our new uniform. Girlguiding has started the process to redesign uniform across all sections which will be introduced in 2026. A new set of activities have been co-produced with Hemingway Design so we can tell Girlguiding what we want from our new uniform. In their sixes, the Brownie voted on the logo design, logo colour and hoodie/rib colour. Our young leaders also voted for their favourites for their uniform. Finally, the leaders also got to have their say – choosing the logo design, colour and whether to have a ‘leader’ on the back or on the arm.

We finished by asked for 2 volunteer hostesses for our next promise ceremony – thank you to Charis and Emily H. Best Brownie was Elora, selected by the leaders for her enthusiasm for working so well with her team during the car building task. Well done to Elora who took home the trophy and penguin mascot for the week and received a lovely certificate. Congratulations also to Holly who receive her 3rd anniversary badge.

That’s it for now – next week we’re looking at the data scientist and science communication careers.

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