Monday 26 February – 01000 01001

For the data scientist part of our science and engineering careers challenge badge, this week we learnt all about the fascinating language of binary code. A data scientist solves complex problems in the storage and handling of data for the long term preservation, turning raw data into meaningful information. This requires computer programming, artificial intelligence, machine learning and statistical tools. Binary data is a number system that uses 0s and 1s. Binary digits can be grouped together into bytes which reduces the file size, taking up less room. This data is stored on supercomputers which use special commands and instructions written in a computer programming language to open and analyse the data.

Each six was given 3 different coloured beads to thread onto coloured string to make a bracelet. We assigned a separate colour for 0, 1, and spaces. Following the binary chart, the Brownies had to create their name in binary code including a space between each letter. Once all beads had been added, it was knotted to make a bracelet and this became their data.  BTW – the title of this week’s blog is ‘hi’ in binary code!!

Our Tweenies, Bella-Rose, Lyra, Olivia, Sadie and Tatiana with Snowdrop and Blossom continued preparing for their Brownie promise. This week they had beautiful promise scenes to colour in while practising their promise and law.

While the Tweenies were busy, the rest of the Brownies completed the science communicator challenge. Science communicators are important in telling the world about the research, science and engineering, making it easy to understand. Science communication involves a range of ways to do this such as: social media, writing news stories/magazine articles, TV documentaries, talking to governmental departments, activity days and many more! For this challenge we played a matching job descriptions game, looking at 6 different types of scientist and engineering roles, discussed what each one did and thought about which one we would like to do.

The binary bracelets challenge took a long time so we only had time for a couple quick games at the end. What’s the time Mr Wolf as chosen by Lyra and Bella-Rose plus duck, duck, goose. This week’s awards: 10th birthday for Emily H, monthly smartest uniform for Emily H and weekly best Brownie for Emily S. Emily was nominated by Sunflower for being so hopeful to the rest of her six during the binary bracelets challenge. Well done Emily.

That’s it for now .. not sure which part of the challenge badge we are doing next week .. depends if the building work is finished and we have a working kitchen!!  Daffodil plus 8 Brownies are attending are African-themed district thinking day celebration this weekend – see you there!

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